something positive that happened last week at the world?

Hello :) I wanted to ask if ieiner or a positive message of last week from Germany of you who noticed world?

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I do not know where that was, but I think in Turkey .. Since a telephone company has made an advertising campaign and actor anger giert, the sign language and who communicates with a local deaf and thus made him a great pleasure .. He knew nothing it and was secretly filmed and has just very surprised that so many people suddenly can communicate with him .. was very touching and a really nice gesture :)

I actually look every day the news and when I look at myself, then I can abgewinnen all messages in recent months nothing positive!

on feritag eclipse is: D

Many people have their claims turned down probably in this respect already so far that they already view it as GOOD, BAD if nothing has happened - IF.

Since 5 March, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not shown.

Hamburg to fetch Olympia to Germany.

17 animal babies were born in the Hagenbeck Zoo since early February.

Playmate Janina Youssefian from Hamburg was Celebrity Shopping Queen.

Bielefeld won against Rostock !!!!

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