Songbirds yes, no raptors.


I want my (distant) future the desire of a large animal enclosure (10,000 m ^ 2) realize where both rodents and lagomorphs, as well as marine animals, and birds to live. In birds, I was now already said on several sides that would be difficult to implement. Firstly, it must not affect the soil / water animals, on the other hand, the proliferation could be a problem. They also need to be protected in winter evergreen plants, which are mostly toxic for rodents. So all very complicated. Why was now my new idea that the enclosure is opened anyway for birds, so that the birds can get in and out. However, of course, can only clean the birds, which do not attack the other animals. Something like crows or ravens must of course remain outside.

Have you an idea of ​​how to unsetzen something? Could easily build very small openings? Or there are tiny birds that would also attack the other animals (the size of a sparrow)?

Even if ye can you even think that: I myself have never kept birds and no idea. The information about each bird species I'm going to naturally learn in the course of several years. Finally need for such a pen also first the money to be there, which will take a few years to complete.

The best answer

Honestly...? Many answers I read me now simply no longer, because ye so obviously this also seals much. I've written often enough that the word "Marine life" was a mistake. I guess I was just thinking about the guinea pigs or whatever, but it's just meant only a small, harmless garden pond. No dolphins without orcas.

And now to the core of my question: How do I know beforehand that never having had somewhere in this vast world someone with his birds in outdoor entertainment and bottom dwellers in the cage? I have often heard that people have kept their budgies in the house along with guinea pigs. However survive Parakeets probably not our winter, when I was now rightly said.

Why is it so incredibly absurd, if I want to keep together outdoors birds with guinea pigs and rabbits in a cage? More is the whole thing did not! In the middle is another pond, but actually plays the smallest role in question.

I also want to imprison any wild birds - I just wanted to have birds in the corral. And since you apparently - according to Bird Forum - may not hold only Heimtiervogelart all year in the garden, I had the idea that the enclosure for wild birds is anfliegbar. These animals are then not locked, but can at any time wegfliegen.Was has the whole "to animal protection law" to do with ?!

I repeat myself like: guinea pigs have to be locked up in Germany so or so and can not live in freedom, because they do not easily


live. Even this may not suspend they. And the birds that you can take this country as a pet may not be released. There are already animals that can not live freely. And exactly these animals I wanted to offer a schönstmögliches home! What do you think because what would get on a (metaphorical) lights a guinea pig in the eyes when it suddenly so come after years in pet store cage individually penned an enclosure with numerous other dogs? If you have ideas on how to make the life of these animals more beautiful, then it tells me! Out with your great ideas !! And no, fly to Peru and expose the animals can not. But the animals are domesticated firstly for far too long and secondly, the very robust agoutis would then intersect with our more vulnerable pet guinea pigs.

For my project I will only take animals from emergency stations or the shelter. For this project I breed not even animals! So I'm not trying to produce my own fun suffering and crisscross zurechtzuzüchten me everything as it suits me. I want animals that have a really shitty life behind, offering a nice, new life! What's so horrible ?! All male bottom dwellers will be neutered, so that there is no breeding can occur!

And no, I have no problem if the guinea pigs should verwildern gradually and at the end are less tame! There are nunmal watching animals and no stuffed animals! There are also plenty of guinea pigs that her life afraid of people had and still have not got used despite years of getting used to him. For these animals, it was the end of life a torment forever and ever to live in human proximity. Here these animals would be able to gain distance from life in captivity! Of course they are still detained, but in a compound, in which they can move properly and can lead a nice life! If that is all to animal protection law, then sue me! My God again!

And if here no sincere answers come, answer my question, then I will no longer respond. For some respondents behave just too childish.

You simply will not give up. :)

For your guinea pig: You write repeatedly of such animals. Hm .... guinea pigs come from South America and live in the Andes. The Quechua and Aymara consume these little critters probably very happy. :) Do you have the possibility to buy a hectare of land in Bolivia? This country you have to pay off transport to Germany and build again, including plants, water, air, and of course the very thin air, which reigns at 4000 meters altitude. Guinea pigs should only eat what they find there to feed. A feeding of food from the pet store you would have to refrain. Only that would be a welfare because the animals live in their original habitat. Can not you realize that you can not of each species (how I hate that word) talk attitude. Both in zoos, bird parks or in private, there is no welfare, but only a proper housing. One species in captivity can not be "humanely" held as the natural habitat is not feasible. The word humanely is often used by people and the media, because you want to express how good it have the animals. These formulations are just stupid and not thought through, because these people have no idea.

There is no raptors. What are mean raptors. These birds grab their prey and not rob them. Crows and ravens are also no raptors, but according the scheme belong to the songbirds.

How long can you keep fish from the sea in the garden pond? I've never seen a Koi in the sea or a cod swimming in garden pond - so first check.

Before you make more thoughts you you make a lot of books to read. Such a complex and not viable topic can be discussed neither at GF still in forums. You jar file in various zoos, bird parks and go animal and See you there the enclosures and attitudes. I am Zootierpfleger and did my training in the largest bird park in the world. There is an immense effort to clean large enclosure and maintain. Furthermore, one must at least once a day to get face to check his state of health on such a large area of ​​each animal. You do not know what is this effort for one person - simply not feasible.

Where holes are, as are also predators. Let the birds from outside. As you write of songbirds, eh the question in how far you have to deal with nature protection legislation you there, because some songbirds fall down there.

Even if you then bring them to a safe for other animals aviary, the question arises whether and how you want to get them there. You can (and allowed to these circumstances) not prevent the reproduction, sooner or later leads at a fixed basic number to inbreeding. cause animals from outside to refresh the blood to in songbirds is also not possible.

Your idea is nice, but with such a large enclosure is also the question of whether you are the animals meet it provides can, because this would exist quite autonomously. By the time one (or even several) to get sick, it is then difficult to recapture this because they are not even possibly tame.

Hi, in principle, it can then actually only as a kind of build conservatory, so a closed hall, which is heated in winter (at ground animals best provide a floor heating installed). When I read crow, sparrow and Co, so I hope that you know that you must remove any wildlife from nature. And have grade in wild birds, such as ducks and Co can you pitch which you bring the bird flu or similar. For blackbirds is the Usutu virus ..

When intend constellation you you can actually these enclosures reinbauen only further compound, in the cultured pets to separate come to visit from the wild animals that.

Because birds relieve themselves in the air, that would do no good to the seawater pool and the small animals then have below a higher risk of infection. So, would my first concrete a species superior to that you'd like keep absolutely and select the other animals just as Beibesatz, ie you should see if it fits permanently and then just give up the Wildlife least dadrin.

I think I would get myself goats, ducks and rabbits: D and chicken: D

If you want to bring birds, could be for example in a large Voiliere keep parakeets and king quail, we have birds up and down as bottom dwellers nor the small quail.

A saltwater pool outside, I have never seen, except at the zoo, because I can not imagine much topsy whether the on duration feasible ist..bei me would raise the question of how it manages to carry out the change of water with salt water ??

If you want to attract only small wild birds, so I would make at times clever how swallows most comfortable and try to lure in the home garden;) and-projects / swallows ...

If you are a chain link fence as a fence USER and it paying attention that the openings are large enough to let in sparrows. Then you need not use any openings: D

I try Seriously. Your idea seems unrealizable me. Let's stay just once in the guinea pigs, other animals, we forget sometimes fast. Guinea pigs live where and how? Why can not the in Germany? What are you doing in the heat, rain, frost? Hundreds guinea pigs catch? And then? Occupy yourself first with basics, then with the excesses.

10,000m², those are only 100x100Meter.

That with the holes you could try so by come to the birds the size of a titmouse. This should then but no simple holes in the fence be.

Have you inquired as ever for a permit and all the other things?

Even if the m² 5 € costs that are € 50,000. And how does it work with animals?

If you buy 10000m² forest, you have the possibility Animals that migrate naturally.

Yesterday there were 1000sqm. Today already 10000? Rabbits, birds and marine animals?

Pretty childish notions that you have there. Earn only times the money for all the animals, then we'll talk. So far, the only children's dreams .... Many animals are locked up, all my ...

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