Sony xperia z extreme battery problems xyz @ web

Hi have since 1st week the xperia z and thought that the battery tell good seie but apparently not I white also there are problems with kitkat 4.4.4gibt when such but that is've already pre-installed on my back already set and services reinstalled it has everything brought nothing therefore my question as I renew my battery run times of my sony z when I shrug the battery lasts 1-2 hours and if I Facebook.und Whats app, write then 3-4 this can not be, and if I turn off my phone and again is always 1% away what should I do I'm on the Internet. Read the battery seie very strong and 2330mhz or something has and you loose 1-2 days so that by holding but apparently not thank for. your tips

The best answer

the battery tell good seie ./.

if I wince does the battery

- /.

the battery seie very strong


and 2330mhz or something has

You do not think seriously that I'm at such a written crap bother to write a meaningful answer, right?

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