Spare pet for a dog!

We had a dog and I would like another animal, the only problem is I do not know what there is still so (dog konnt not ask). It would also be an animal which is not too difficult because we have to transport it to our boat

The best answer

Because, unfortunately, is no animal in question, except being a dog.

The multiple proposed here Cat no and no small animals.

For most cats Revier exchange and travel mean stress for small animals comes to the stress of the enclosure (location) metabolism also the fact that they need a lot of space that is safe on a boat does not exist.

Cat. All these rodents are a lot of work. I speak from experience! A cat is there still the greatest, less work, more fun: 3

fish? you can feed them with bread it by boat from.

Why do you absolutely want to keep a pet? You know not even what pets there ...

This situation has now not at all times!

Often there are dogs that travel on boats and ships ...

But if a dog with you is not an issue, then I recommend you a completely different pastime: READ ... There are so many good books that are also very informative ...

Maybe you put so firmly while reading that own pets but need not necessarily be ...

... or you will find your absolute desire Animal

The problem is my father not again want a dog

But a pet should already be but we do not really know which one to take well with on boat

Rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

I would find a cat a good idea, I myself have one and they have very very happy ...

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