Special Downloads - business registration? Copyright?

I would like to offer special downloads on my website and have to two questions:

  1. I own several instruction manuals very old equipment and would like to scan and offer this. Since these are over 100 years old, my level of knowledge is excluded a copyright violation, right?
  2. I scan the patterns on an working on them (image quality, contrast, etc.) and turn it into a PDF file. Gladly I would offer this kind of "workload" for Centebträge (such as 50 Cent). Do I have to register a business in this case?

The best answer

  1. http://anwalt-im-netz.de/urheberrecht/dauer-urheberrecht.html
  2. Were advised to avoid warnings.

Copyright, no copyright, we are not in the English-speaking world! The copyright truly has expired.

the sums which is most small businesses, andthe demand is likely to be minimal, a business registration is not worthwhile

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