Special eerie Jugendbuch wanted ...

Hey book lovers! Seeking a youth book, which appeared in recent years. No before 2004 (to wherever write Oldies). I am 16 and so love books, with the main characters and minor characters that are scary and creepy and kind of odd. ... Do you know vllt such books? even Vllt with male main characters? Where for example, what to know in the dark forest and secretly befriend. .. Please, no imagination, no horror and not necessarily about killer (Thriller). nothing too unrealles and no ghosts! Would be really happy. ..LG Soniiiblue

Please no night school, no Twilight .... best individual books without book series)

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The storyteller is sometimes a bit creepy.

Killing Butterflies by M. Anjelais might expect fit. However, the book is rather disturbing.

Although before 2004 but edgar wallace has some lay detective fiction, moby dick, william faulkner when I die in Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. Don quijote is also highly recommende

Whisper of Isabel Abedi

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