Special order for armor (Middle Ages) Where?

Good evening / night everyone ^^ I come from the Northern regions of Germany, looking for a blacksmith or Gerber, draws on request armor. Whether leather or metal is, for the time being irrelevant, I'm looking for now is only one way to leave me the make. The arms should be suitable for Larpen. I once googled a bit, but I find only two good in Bavaria, the rest is Industrial or makes no custom., You know there perhaps something in the room from north to mid-Germany? Danke schon mal for the reply! LG :)

The best answer

Just call me at the of Bavaria and ask whether that can possibly send you the So and the payment by bank unwinds.

Maybe you can help & Kurtzweyl Kramer guild? I know that they also have a blacksmith, but he draws armor or whether the troop buys her clothing and armor, I do not know.

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