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Is it possible to take pictures with smartphone's so-called ghost images?

Recently me a picture has been sent, on which someone is ready. Well, that is at first nothing unusual, yet curious, because this are two images in the proper sense.

This image depicts someone is in two different time short successive sequences with respect to the same location. See image. Detail of this image.

I know that this earlier in SLR but (personal experience) was possible with film, I'm not sure whether this is possible with digital cameras of Smartphone's. If so, I would be very grateful for a brief explanation.

I wanted to explain the fact that that image a ghost of a second person maps, which I declined, since it is already apparent to me that it is one and the same person.

The best answer

There is no problem such "ghostly" photos by reflections, annoying reflections, etc. to create. Also double exposures are a common cause.

That is why it is so important that ghosts are reproducibly observed (however never yet succeeded), for ghost-like images, there are many - even completely without the existence of ghosts.

With the SLR this effect can be achieved (without editing) when setting a long exposure time, someone first in the represents a corner of the picture, then someone hides the lens, there is the object in the other corner, the lens can open again and Einwenig waits until the exposure has ended. The same goes with the phone exactly, only one needs an app where you can set the shutter speed manually. Should it give free from the App Store.

You'd have to fix your phone (with tape or on a tripod) and then you make a picture of the city and one in the same position with a person and in photoshop then you need only the opacity set to 20-50%

Presumably, something like this is a simple app. From the Canon 5D III I know that they can make something internally (double exposure or as they call it again). Since the whole is based on software can certainly every phone if someone finds ne app now.

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