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Hello community, now that I have already spent hours on the Pc without finding an answer, I will now once personally ask a question because I do not find the answer. My primary hard disk C is full. But quite full, so sometimes I get a notice that 0 Mb free memory available. This has extreme effects on my programs. So I can no longer open for example Bf4 because PunkBuster can not create a swap file on C more. And I'm really not a computer nerd but I know myself largely to the computer in order to know that you can move programs to a different hard drive, and I have so no programs installed from me more to C. My question would be now if I my driver or other Windows Parte can be swapped out onto my second 1 terabyte hard drive. It is important not only because Bf4;) Ps: My C disk counts 27.8 Gb workplace (actually 30 gigabytes on the packaging) and is an SSD My operating system is Windows 7 64bit

Thank you for your answers Niklas

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<30 GB as a system disk of course a bit short, and it might be enough if there is in fact only the system it.

You could try a Booted from CD Windows or repair console to move certain Windows folder on the other drive and create a symlink to C. Is described in item 2: http://www.wintotal.de/eigene-dateien-auf-eine-separate-partition-verschieben/ Have I even though no experience with.

Before you could but a few other things to try to maybe rauszuholen some space:

  • turn off System Restore, if active
  • The paging file shrink, if you have enough memory
  • The disk clean up (Winkey + R -> cleanmgr.exe)
  • Delete the Windows Update cache (C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution)
  • Clear the browser cache (these data are usually in the user profile under AppData)
  • Your user profile keep slim store (in the own document nothing on the desktop and)

"Move" programs is critical because often many cross-references from the operating system to the installation of the program are that you can hardly get any. Better is: and reinstall Uninstall the new location.

Windows "divide" would me again that the (good) goes.

The only thing you could still outsource, would the swap file (pagefile.sys). But this would be only a last resort to bring your system back up and running provisionally.

30GB is a Win764bit with many programs it definitely too little. At least twice is realistic.

You need a bigger hard drive or partition.

If you do not want to reinstall, is only one possibility:

Mach you with Clonezilla (or a similar disk clone program, the Boot CD) an image of C and store it somewhere where you can access later.

Then you build you either choose a larger hard drive than C or are creating you a larger partition as "C:"

This can help (as a boot CD) as Parted Magic or G-Parted a bootable partition tool.

In this new HD or partition you copy your Image by C.

Now the Partiton is also only times 30 GB, us, you can now but with a partition tools on the free space on your new HD / partition bigger :-)


Another possibility I will not deny you - but really only if you are comfortable something ( "for what is what is good in Windows").

The technical term is "tailoring", ie parts of the operating system, you can remove it, so delete.

For this purpose you should, of course, only take items that you do not need in everyday operation.

As an example, but I'll tell you something else. Many programs are indeed multilingual, as well as word processing programs, such as MS-Word or OO-Write.

This also spelling correction parts for different languages.

Now you has but that you will never write in French a document remove (in the foreseeable future), so you can the part "spelling correction French".

Thus, each program has for you personally parts that you never use, so you can remove them. In this course you have to weigh costs and Took advantage - but that's your business.


So and can only times the tmp files on D: Redirect.

Then uninstall programs and reinstall it on D:

Or (my recommendation) schmeiss the bonsai plate out completely and do everything on the big plate.

Thanks for your answer :) The Ssd auzutauschen for me this is not an option

you would have never have to buy a 30GB SSD. I have already 128GB far too little.

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