Sport test at customs ?!

Hello, there is the duty actually still a sports test? I passed the written test and now get an overview of what happens next. Oral test and operational integrity but no sports test. And on the website also is nothing.

Would appreciate answers.

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servus teddy monster.

a sport test you must not put before setting since last year. you need only the German sports insignia pickup in bronze (maximum 1 year old).

the sport test is taken as noted by zisttoll at the end of the training, if you should come in the volunteer service. This is prerequisite for your further education for weapons makers ...

hope you have helped.

oh yeah if you passed the written test should you still be tested for oral)

http: // ...

For an apprenticeship Intermediate Service the "German Sports Badge" must be presented.

The sport test make the colleagues for training end when they come to the examination in the prison service (customs investigation, control units, combat undeclared work).

I would tap times that which falls under "operational integrity". but do not know it.

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