Sports hairstyles wanted!

Seeking a sport hair that does not look so strict but rather a little looser, but should have to endure what. I always had a normal ponytail, but I like having the time no longer ... I need the hairstyle for jogging, swimming and school sports. I have brown, about 10cm longer than shoulder-length hair and a side parting. So please do something like ponytail or so but rather what more casual, not so strict. I hope you know roughly what I mean. Thank you in advance!:)

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As already said, Dutt (very loosely, can fix it either slightly lower or higher, depending on how it suits you) or even a ponytail, in which you previously flechtest you sideways NEN French braid. So page crest and then obliquely plait back rubber pure or secure with barrettes, ponytail (or bun) make. The braid you can also 'falschrum' braids, then he is more on the other hairs on it .. (See photo)

Otherwise you can also even be very creative with the lichens and try many things :)

Lichen you but two braids from the neck down or Mozartzopf because they do not disturb :)

A Dutt I could recommend ... or even if that is a braid is because you do not want to have but I will say it once, you can even make the higher or deeper or braid back what lichens ... Or a Lateral Fischgrätenzopf unfortunately there otherwise no longer hairstyles have nothing to do with a pigtail sry Hope the answer was helpful LG Ana Smile

Surfer section: D is also some maedels! One probably had to ma n picture of you post. Then you can say better what would you stand possibly :)

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