spotify unnecessarily?

Hi Ici hab grad downloaded just spotify and is indeed saau unnecessary because you can not deliberately listen songs when choosing the album one out in the free version. He takes then just any random ... But I do not understand why there are so many well-known use and I do not think that the € 9.99 per month to spend on it .....

The best answer

In the free version on the phone you can actually play no explicit songs is just so willed.

I use Spotify only on the PC, where you can choose, as often as you like skipping individual songs, etc.

Maintenance every 3-5 songs a bit of advertising, but that does not bother me.

And people have the premium, ie the € 9.99 can be paid in monthly unlimited skipping comes to mobile songs, listen without advertising, listen offline and play explicit songs.

But that's worth it:

In the free version for mobile phones you can not choose, but just randomly play songs or ne finished playlist.

On the free PC or tablet version of Spotify you can each song you want to hear, hear directly.

You need halt premium if you wish to no advertising and the functions available at the PC / tablet version, also use on the phone like.

on PC you can select exactly songs and play in the mobile Cersion not. € 10 per month is compared to the music selection a bargain, or would you prefer to buy each album individually for 10 €?

So I do not use it ... But you can turn on playlists and hear those you so. I buy my music rather because me this advertising also robs last nerve and I will search for me, what I hear and do not always have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi and my data volume for mobile it's too bad.

You have to create playlists with the free version. Then you click a song from your playlist and hear only times a few songs ... There comes the advertising .. These are about 2-3 small spots. Then you can choose which you want to hear .. Works but only after advertising your titles. If you have a favorite song, create a playlist with this song .. (if you only have a song in the list, know spotify out that your playlist is too short) you pull this song over and over again in your playlist, then have you so to say a repeat function. Works for me always :) Otherwise you can from playlist to playlist switches until your lieblingslied comes .. Next possibility: create a playlist with your all-time favorite songs. And then the Shuffle does not matter, because each book is good ... I hope you could follow me .. For me it always works .. With a little effort, I can always hear my favorite song

But they do, because Spotify in the paid version you can select all etc :)

Many wireless service provider Spotify as a service / service already in their contracts there, maybe that's when your friends the case.

The "known" use is probably at the computer. You can not do all that is free.

Sure, you can make specific songs, can you as a free user create playlists with certain songs from albums etc ..

You just stop advertising + can I think the app does not use & spotify accounts with 1-6monaten term (through trade forums) are in existence from 1 € € -10

Spotify is the best thing there is, if one already has to pay the low price.

Really? But the free version is unnecessary odeer ?? : D

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