Squats the dog only, or he has a problem?

Hello, I wanted to buy a German Shepherd and am following encountered (see IMAGE) somehow have his legs in a squatting position, is this normal? Can he stand up or is that a problem?

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Whether the dog now has HD or not we do not know, as we need to the radiograph ... Unfortunately, the breed has decided Shepherds in the hip down to breed, so they are more frog than dog. This attitude is poison for all joints, imagine your one leg would be much shorter than the other ... your knees and your hips would not join the very long.

HD and ED are at shepherds' race diseases "Both known can only be detected by X-ray images. Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia when touting it, are arthrosis, ie joint changes. Here, the cartilage rub off or milled out and the bones rub against each other. This is very painful, every movement hurts. A dog with a strong HD or ED will have to be euthanized sooner or later, because running is crucial to a dog's life. Can not walk the dog's quality of life is so fallen that salvation is the best. So heavy dogs can also be difficult to help. Small dogs are worn, but contract times 50kg Shepherd ...

If you want to buy you a shepherd, both PARENTS ANIMALS HD and ED NEGATIVE must be! That the breeder can be confirmed by the vet is very easy, the dogs are x-rayed and on the basis of images detects the TA whether they are positive or negative. He can then confirm. A reputable breeder will give you this information independently. The more known by the pedigree, the more certain you can be that your dog does not inherit the disease. In this respect I would advise ALL to a HD and ED to request testing by the parent animals! It saves a lot of suffering for the animal and if breeders noted that buyers make sure they will only breed with healthy dogs. That would be a big step in the right direction

I myself a German Shepherd (white) and who Ansich hip problem which is normal, fit only to the dog not too many steps have to go regularly as the only "broken" makes the hip

To simply first to answer your question:

Yes, the dog has a problem! No healthy dog ​​- not a German Shepherd! - Is inherently that way. What you see on Lineups is still something else, because the dogs from the holders are specially positioned so that you can evaluate the angulation etc..

Nevertheless, the German Shepherd has various health problems. There would be as already mentioned hip dysplasia and Sponyliose but I. Problems with the elbows, eyes and degenerative nerve diseases

I would advise you again in detail with the dog ownership in general to address you and good to let you know what kind of a time and what everything costs. And then you can indeed times on the website of the Association of the German Kennel Club (VDH) go out and inform you there about different breeds.

I guess the way also first from DSH from, because of the size and weight. Look dear, if you do not maybe suits a race that is slightly smaller and easier to handle. Sure, the DSH is usually not terribly difficult dog, but he has protective instinct with which you can really mix must, otherwise it can become a problem quickly.

Hello GFNutzerRS! :-)

Now, it falls off slightly. Can, must mean nothing. I now have my second shepherd, you see my current (old German) in the photo ...

Safe digestion can provide an X-ray you only. Yes, it was once a breeding goal, supposedly beauty ... :-( This has caused much misery in dogs shepherds. There was even fraud, sending of foreign, knotless radiographs! Man, the beast ...

So before buying, you let the X-rays show, or go with a dog at a TA you trust.

wishes a happy Easter


Yes sheepdogs was this "rocket shape" so grown - is a mess, but you can not. :-) Shepherds have very often HD (hip dysplasia) and or spondylosis. (Can you even both times google) Ich finds a shame because there are so mad dogs, we once asked one: Sam - he was the best! :-) Now I get tears in my eyes, I miss him so much ....

is a shepherd from a beauty line, he is a bit inconvenient ... what you have certainly clarified'd have a HD-X-ray and back ... alone in this image can not be judged ... there are also those conversations without the problem must be present

What are you doing with a dog? 6 hrs to the poor cattle remain alone. and at 6 hours it will not just because you're going to get an education. Then you're min. 8 hours out of the house.

You do not need dog to jog or zugehn irgndein training.

Say, you still do not give up ???

Your mother does not want a big dog ...

You as minors allowed to buy and no in most states you may not even with a 40/20 dog go out ...

About Shepherds you are little to no information ... (your other questions available suggest)

... And now you want to do again as if you had you just offered the deal of the year.

Do you know how expensive it is to treat a diseased to HD dog to operate, if necessary, so that he can lead a life schnezfreies?

With an HD-sick dog you can forget jogging etc ...

Do you prefer to continue your boxing training - without a dog

Shepherds are bred partly that.

Descending the hip is a breeding line (show line) and normal.

However, often associated with health restrictions. are more prone to hd, osteoarthritis, etc.

vet bills you have to plan for every dog. if you fell in love, but talking with the previous owners if the dog has already problems. whether the Währe portable for yourself you have to decide then stop.

The dogs have a hip joint problem itself.

if you're just SOMETHING with dog attitude and shepherd dogs esp. employed had, you knew yourself that just this breed has often hip problems ..

Do something once a Gassi gear with him, then you can see better.

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