squint bad?

Hi I've a question for you .... thought you had a very good friend squinting they would not know myself but ... you would tell her or not?

Because I have also recently glasses worn for the reason that I (Anscheind) a light or have even a silver look .. the glasses do not wear now are some time and of my friends is never someone noticed what I squint classmates also not .... and I mean that would but what I say as huch you squint but do you need no glasses? What do you think about this? And you would find it bad if you were slightly squint?

Lg ... :))

The best answer

it is not bad if you squint. only there imme people who make fun of. I would appeal to your girlfriend on it. but not so that it comes across funny.


It's not bad if you squint! ;) And of course you can say that she switched it your friend. Tell her but friendly and not so pejorative.

Greetings, Dreams97

They are just nice, noticed they have it safely.

I would tell her, is better when a friend she says nice as an "enemy" not so nice: D

Tell her simply, is easy to handle .and no, I finds bad net

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