ssw Suddenly backache and pulling in the abdomen 31

Hello everybody

I do not know what that is you can help me

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So I think it is normal. If it is not unbearable or it happens on a regular basis, it will simply be Senkwehen. The can really Tuen very hurt. At the end I had also sometimes afraid, here we go. I had very often afterwards to do with his back.

But proper contractions are different. Those were really pain in the groin area. How very strong period pain in the beginning. But even so, that you can not sleep. I woke them.

If you were to lose but liquid, or use bleeding or pain are really that bad, you can not sit or gasping for air must, immediately call the hospital or an ambulance. Otherwise, try to relax. Senkwehen may be as I said uncomfortably. Finally, your stomach slips now down and the pressing of course. And now the baby makes again a boost and there is little space in the uterus. Therefore, the kicks are even sometimes violent. Mir is sometimes the air stayed away. The body is now in the starting blocks.

There is a gynecologist. Just go there. Or the KH.

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