Stains after bleaching

Property me bleaching strips ordered from Amazon and have just used first times that. Had an hours it can be and for a week now actually on it I machen.als they had withdrawn I suddenly had white spots on my teeth with yellow background, so to speak. What can I do about that going away again? What is the cause and should I stop doing it better? How do I get it off again? :(

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At home remedies and Bleachinpräparate from drugstores you should completely refrain, as they will in the long run the enamel and the teeth thus are more susceptible to caries.
You must know that the tooth color of the people are something, and depending on the structure of the teeth and their environment very individual. The tooth color results along with enamel, dentin and pulp. The color of the teeth thus appear between white, beige and yellow. Throughout life, the tooth color changes.
Let yourself advise by your dentist if there is a possibility that these spots disappear again. In my opinion, not after. Furthermore, let carry and recommend you about him a toothpaste that is not quite as strong attacking the enamel, but the teeth gently lightens a professional dental cleaning.

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