started flying without notification earlier and missed that right?


had a return flight (emirates) of Thailand (via Dubai) to Bangkok. Flight was scheduled and confirmed at 9:55 AM. Our taxi on the route to the airport was in an accident or motor damage (at least broken) it took forever until a new came.

Finally, we were at about 9.20 / 9:25 at the check in (nb. ONLY hand luggage, so had no luggage to check in). They gave us no boarding passports. (Tried to explain to her that we start running as soon as possible to the gate) but did not because the thought the aircraft is easy 25min flown earlier. But we have never email or otherwise get. She said (as I am check in switch was) that the aircraft was already in the air.

150 € we could move the flight (standby we have in 2 other airline flights attempts no chance ...) the problem was just the next flight where what would have been free would be 2.5 days was only later.

Finally we had NEN very new flight booking (other airline) 760 € and 15 respectively std wait.

Now the question is: should the airline without notification just fly past? What right have such? Gibts chance on credit or replacement or the like?

Photographic evidence (confirmed email at 9.55) and actual takeoff 9:30 (officially emiratesseite from) I ...

Ask for help! thank you

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if you get a refund or not, we can here but decide only on instinct - and even if what you would use that if a court would decide differently?

What counts are facts and then to include the representation of the other side. Are you sure that the plane has taken off earlier? Or is it not - my guess - a confusion of Deadline and time of departure? Normally, the gate will close about 20 to 30 minutes before departure, and most airlines take then basically no Gäst more.

The a flyer on time leaving the parking position before coming, but earlier than planned is rather unusual.

OK, anyway: There is a judgment of the Munich District Court, according to which the duty of a tour operator to indicate any changes in flight times was denied, however, that's just an opinion, and also the many references in the network are always treated with caution, since one the facts never 1: 1 can transfer - and even many laymen say something on the subject, without deeper knowledge of the matter.

So remains what one actually says common sense:

gather together all documents; Mails, boarding pass, ticket, call notes, names of the interlocutors, facts and

a) write to the airline and ask a deadline for an opinion or

b) be equal to contact the consumer advice, what I had done for a long time. Or do you really want to leave yourself on the statements of our hobby journey lawyers?

I believe the have lied to you. The fact is that the check-in usually closes 45 minutes before departure and the gate about 20 minutes prior to departure. You would have no chance had to catch the plane. You should have in 20min hardly through security in Dubai and the huge airport managed. The "started earlier" with the white lie was probably get rid of one of you. A plane takes off not just once.

Just as it is described, the invested money you can get a refund without any problems. Although I as pretty much - Aviator have (5-6 / Month) never seen a plane takes off earlier.

Do not just let abbimmeln when they say nope

Take care of drum and do not let to !!! Do they have to give you your money !!! Very easily

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