Stay I sit or I come next?

I have in chemistry and math expected a 5, but in English I get a 2-3. Could I not compensate theoretically it? Because I had heard that you could balance a. 3 Ps I live in Lower Saxony

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In Hesse me it is at the high school so that you can have only two 5 in the certificate, but you have to compensate. Either a 5 with a 2 or a 1 or two 3s. But you can only compensate for main compartment with major and minor with a minor. So if you are really a 5 get in math and chemistry, you would have in the main subjects have either a 2 or two 3s. The same in the minor subjects. But as I said, I'm from Hesse. :)

You have to put in one of the two subjects an oral examination and these consist of at least a third I felt the same way. Say your best / n Class teacher / in it. I wish you great success!

Love Princess Pudding,

ouh, does not sound good ... if you need help in math and chemistry, do not hesitate to write me - these both subjects are my best and these subjects are my advanced courses in high school (have two more weeks right school in Class 10 ). And I help very much on :)

Now to your problem: Because you have a 2 to 3 have in English, so you can at least compensate for Mathematics. What about with German? With us (Berlin) that was so that, if one could not compensate, has made an investigation in the main compartment. But let put a 5 in math and chemistry? Okay, at a schoolmate's currently exactly this problem because (ie 5 in math and chemistry) to compensate, but you can with English, German and Latin (all 1 at her). Look also that you can compensate.

I would rather suggest a repeat of the class. If you do math on a 5 (in which grade are you?), Then you are missing very basic basics of mathematical understanding.


Oh and two 5'er should not have to go off as far as I know. So if you do want Abi is not, otherwise matter and if you are deeper than 10'te class that does not matter anyway. Either you sit stay or not (here in Nrw goes only in 9, at least at my school) anyway allowed to you 2x a have and offset 4 or 1x 'ne 5 :-)

With the 3 you can compensate for math. Did you even a specialist, with whom you can compensate for chemistry?

Nevertheless, would the dislocation only one CAN and not a must. The dislocation conference decides.

In advance: I live in NRW, so true, what I write here with your state does not match xD But with my girlfriend that was so, but it has been displaced without any problems. It is only critical if you have an average of 4.0 in the core subjects (math, English, German, French / Latin / Spanish).

I do not think so if you in 2 subjects has a 5 and especially in a main compartment.

A 5 can be compensated with a 1, or clear? Or with three two. This is actually in each province that. Did you so a 1 is a two's all good example in sports or three times. Only one 2 is not enough because actually and especially no 3. A 4 could be compensated with a second Main / minor subjects play no role because you can always compensate for how it fits.

Sometimes it's smarter to repeat the class!

What do you mean, how far you come in the next class, if you have already in chemistry and math a 5 now. It could not be determined!

Tip: Be diligent and learn more for school!

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