stepper and sit ups

hey people as I train every day now stepper encouragingly but that does nothing for my belly therefore drawn I would like incidentally also sit ups make but how many I do per day?

Thanks in advance

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It all depends on your character and your training successes! On the stepper exercising you will help your entire body while losing weight because you're on the move and burn calories. You could sit-ups in sets between your stepper exercises signature. First, warm up by, then 15 sit-ups, then 10 minutes on the stepper, then 15 sit-ups, back 10 minutes steppers, one last time 15 sit-ups ... so roughly I think it is most effective, because you do the exercises properly ausführst by the variety and probably more of them have, as if you 50 straight try and the last by draw only with great difficulty ...

Sit UPS you can make as many as you willst..wenn but want a flat stomach, then helps the stepper well. Because you get to only by the correct body fat

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