Sterility by Wärmekissen?


am a boy and I fall asleep often with a heating pad under the back at the highest level. Eventually I then heard it will not be good for fertility .... Am still a minor and would not be barren actually: D

Perhaps ye know more?

The best answer

even if it does not harm your fertility, I'd me something not even get used ... in winter or ... ok. if you is too cold to sleep, you can indeed use to you just no longer cold ... but do not fall asleep so be genuine .... someday no longer simply no and it is also n heap electricity wastage ... .Find your parents certainly not great ....

Too much heat damages your sperm so are the testes in a man not even in the stomach as the ova of the woman but are outside of the abdomen where it is not so hot

Say you plant you away with his back?

Although sperm can suffer when the temperature is too high, but probably not by a heating pad. Are you looking at:

That's all nonsense one should not believe everything you read. Greeting, Soeber

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