sticking posters on OSB panel

Hello, I have to print a photo prints (120x160 cm - relatively heavy paper). I would now like to stick the poster on a plate and then hang on the wall. I've been thinking a 12mm OSB board to use (oriented strand board), I bow before, stiffen the rear and treat with spray adhesive. OSB panels are low and stable - therefore no MDF that does not exist in this size. Has anyone experience that?

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Hello, if the surface of the plate is not sealed, the glue will come off quickly. In an MDF board, which was repeatedly treated with sealer, holds a photo with spray glue is not very long, which is rather to be even worse in OSB.

if something goes with special paste? Methylan or something? I guess so.

Hey, so if the paper is a solid and you the OSB bissl anschleifst because I see no problem. With experience, however, I can not serve vlt what stands on it. I found ziehmlich extensive ranges the page. Lg

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