Stomach turn in the dog?

Hi guys

I have a Lahasa Apso and wanted to ask he ate degree how sensitive r is now so if you him bsp once cancels short he could get them a stomach twist?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Ps: Villeicht overdo I just am very careful with my dog

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How and why bloat is even made, nobody knows 100% sure. There are many theories, but no medical evidence. However, it has been found that it often occurs in dried fodder - has as douschka written already.

The fact is also that there are some breeds that bloat to tend more than others and the larger race are more likely than smaller ones.

Also happen stomach twists often at night in the resting phase.

However, one should not lift Hundi - not only because of stomach twists but generally not.

My dogs often play after eating, running around, jumping at each high etc. However my race tends not to stomach twists. In addition I feed raw and at different times, different amounts.

If you do not rumtobt directly after feeding wild, because nothing happens and lift and should take you dogs eh necessarily. And wait for the Ratwchalg until he comes of itself, I think is quite dangerous, I had already dogs that you had to brake very da. Waiting halt roundabout an hour after eating, then you are in any case on the safe side, where small dogs are not as sensitive anyway.

It varies from dog to dog.

If one keeps the breaks after eating happens normally nothing, but there are also dogs like mine. The can after eating romp how stupid and do not bloat. For even the stomach is a muscle that you can train. I can completely rule it of course not with her.

if he could it picks it for bsp briefly get a stomach twist?

possibly yes.

A volvulus is more common in large dogs. But in small dogs they can happen.

A volvulus can be mainly caused by jerky movements. Make sure you get z. B. stairs-u. run down, jumping on / off the sofa etc., frolic and also prevent rolling around.

should his dog generally not lift .. who own feet .. and bloat is after eating theoretically possible, so let him rest. he will find when he can play again and then comes to you.

eigentlch not, you should just avoid something like playing ball

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