Strange coincidences ???

Quite often I dream things that happen after an indefinite time. Is this normal and what does this mean?

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if this is normal? Naja.Normalerweise say yes, that dreams it is considered nothing more than processing of passed experiences sind.Dann and from the perspective probably "not" normal to dream of things that werden.Aber yet happen honest:? What is normal and who sets the parameters of normality on when a lot of people would just dreaming, so that one is dreaming of things that will happen only, which would then also "normal" .I think it is rather the question of whether this is normal for you.

There are people who dream of things that they are werden.Vielleicht yet done simply open than others, I know nicht.Und then there still a difference between the things they dream that a self in any way concern or - and this is really interesting! - Dream of things that even not a betreffen.Sprich: I could dream of Airwingsabsturz before it happens because someone is sitting in it, I know or with whom I bind very or I could dream, although since no dramatic climax to the I any connection.

Interesting Sache.Wenn it goes: When I dream of the death of my grandmother, then he must indeed in some way already feststehen.Die question: Why?

And that leads to God, karma, predestination, other levels.

In general, I'd say, if you ask what that means: It probably means that you had premonitions in any manner or perhaps simply "open-minded" bist.Solls enter yes.

Well sorted this page is here, if you confront yourself with your dreams willst.Vielleicht helps indeed a dream diary to lead?

LG to you.

That's what I've dreamed auch.Ich the plane crash in the Alps. Namely, an EasyJet from Madrid to Hamburg crashes suicide of Capitan but co -Pilot was locked. While it is not exactly the same what happened but I dreamed it 2 weeks before

Something was with me three times I dreamed that I do iregendwas and someone else has the then made

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