Strength aluminum and stainless steel

Hello, I need a very simple roof rack, had to 8 Thule purchased 951 gutter feet and going to buy either aluminum or stainless steel cross beams because of there not to buy from Thule in the place where I need the support (South Africa).

And since we have the problem that 4 crossbars have with the baggage, as there is not the required cross-section of 20x30mm in SA.

Is now the question of whether I take it in stainless steel (2mm wall thickness) or in aluminum (3mm wall thickness). Jmd. Here experience with the sustainability of aluminum variant? So purely from the weight would my dear. to carry the story a roof box with max weight of 100 kg at 160 cm length.

The best answer

I think that is already aluminum could bend slightly at 3mm thick .. comes hald it to see if it is permanent load and how evenly the weight distribution.

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