strengthen confidence ?! RZ

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To me: Age 17 Problem: Confidence or trust myself not a girl to speak

For men / boys the prop goes. Quite good :)

Yes otherwise I'm always uncertain ziehmlich me and I have not so strong self-confidence?

The best answer

Hey ... I can understand you well. I am a girl and had / had not selbstverstrauen never much ... I do not trust anything. But I asked a friend to me perhaps to help ... who knows maybe you should sometimes try. Sometimes there are also courses in which is practiced. :) If you still want to know what or who want tips you can gladly sign up. Maybe I can somehow help or we help each other to get out of us :) love greetings :)

I again: D you can me might write somehow I get it just does not go through the mobile phone to post a message ..

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