Stroke the dog?

On the way back from Gassigehen, caught my dog ​​to shake with the hind legs and could barely stairs running up. The eyes were glassy. Now it is very relaxing on the couch, has also eaten. It is in August 10 and is a shepherd / husky mixed breed dog.
She has extreme fear of vet so I will let them first in peace. Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

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It could have been a very mild form of epilepsy attack. This is now a question of conscience. If you go to the doctor, you should in a veterinary clinic as soon as possible to go, because there exist the best chance of also "actually" to diagnose Epi. Are you going "only" to the doctor around the corner, it may be that he diagnostieziert Epi because he just nothing better idea (unfortunately so!). Should it then it is only a faint or something else have been, you get the family doctor probably definitely remedy Epi what the dog and does not help if it is not affected. So either actually immediately to the veterinary clinic or wait as it continues to behave in the near future. Everything good for you!

PS Vestibularsysdrom (stroke) I do not suppose now that while the eyes look like different, but even then nothing would be done. If necessary, an infusion

No, I've never experienced something like that. but does not sound good at :( would even if she is afraid to go anyway times to the vet or let him come, arise better than if then afterwards is really what worse or permanent damage. LG

it sounds more like a eptileptischen accumulating ... you must die but despite her vet fear -at best in an animal hospital-imagine!

The one dog had a stroke, I have not yet experienced. However, one of my former rabbit had a stroke. I advise you to definitely go to the vet, where I'd yet to enter the dog in your situation a short time to relax before you go to the vet.

You must necessarily to the vet so he can see what they had

Probably an epileptic seizure. Is not necessarily rare in dogs. but go to the vet soon, yes?

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