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Good evening people, I have since Wednesday strong sore throat, fever, headache, runny nose when I swallow. Now I only have a sore throat but this very strongly. I was on Thursday at the doctor he gave me Tonsipret tablets and paracetamol. I fear the Tonsipret not help me. With Dolo-Dobendan I have also already tried no improvement. I drink every day about 3-4 liters to 1.77, 74kg. I hope someone can recognize the image because what exactly

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So your CURRENT disease reflects 99% the stubborn disease angina again. Personally, I'm sick time in years in 2013 six ... it has extremely annoyed. So I know myself very well from it. All your symptoms indicate. This is also standard in this disease in the neck.

Oh and tools are here, well, in short supply.

My tips:

- Occasional ONLY warm to very WAREM tea, while as much as possible! Dewin body need liquid

discretionary Mild to moderate pain pills to own -

- Move as little as possible

- Try to take a lot of fruit to you, I can heartily Mandarienen empfelen!

- Airing experiments much in your apartment

WARNING: angina can return back to haunt a up to a year (like mine) after 1-2 months.

In the Dolodobendan tablets, there are two different ways. The direct acting exactly in the neck ... are recommended by pharmacists for "normal" Anginas .... if you had the, you have not played the Dolodobendan Strepsils ... since the active ingredient is (among other ibuprofen) directly into the blood and act quasi from "inside"!

And sage always helps :-) either drinking (quiet with honey) or gargle.

Get well :-)

Possibly yes pfeifrisches glandular fever or something. Ka just go again to another doctor

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