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I have now for 3 years my dog ​​we still have 2 more dogs but s7nd night in the bedroom of my parents. At night I got my door open before I go to sleep, I go with my dog ​​again gassi but if we all go to sleep my dog ​​down un makes recently the house although she is housebroken. What's just with my dog ​​:(?

I hope you can help me

MFG: Sofie

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first you should go to the vet - in order to exclude lle health trouble. often warden dogs aged incontinent (it istauch a frequent consequence of kstartonene) .. or he has a slight blesenentzuendung ...

if we all sleep does my dog ​​down un makes recently the house although she is housebroken.

which may have very different reasons and causes. A few more details would be well.

What exactly does he do, big or small business? And how long are the other dogs with you, always, or only recently?

Maybe your dog needs often out due to a bladder infection? Try going to the vet :)

Try going to the vet

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