Student exchange: return luggage or buy extra luggage?

I am currently a student exchange in the USA. I still have about 3 months until I fly back to Germany. I now have the problem that I have more luggage than on the flight, so I was wondering whether it is cheaper to buy an extra suitcase and take with the flight, or send a packet that is of course also a bit of weight ,

I hope you can help me.

. <Sunny

The best answer

Send package, several of my friends have also made. (With me hats to hingehauen straight) lasts longer then stop, you should so nothing purely pack what you need quickly. If you eg your Wintersachen send that so often take place well and are difficult isses actually super.

Obesity is super expensive.

Hello and good evening, ask at the post office in the United States and your airline to what that costs. Then you can decide you still. Nice weekend.

Personally, I would probably prefer to buy a suitcase and pay the overweight, such a huge package of clothes or as a distance is over so, too expensive and I would shit that go and lose that. ^^ LG

look what the proto ksotet and what toll the duty incurred on

and then you look, of course, what additional luggage costs at the airlines.

you can nciht say a flat rate, w hich is cheaper

I suspect a package would be cheaper than buying an extra suitcase.

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