Study cancel and training begin?

I have been studying about. 2 years Economics. But what I did not so much like, also lay a semester back .. Should I cancel prefer and begin training?

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I think if it is not you and you anyway after limping it pays to have a solid education thinking. After all, you deserve money have then usually make a good to very good chance of finding a job and can if you like still a part-time study or the technicians / master craftsmen.

Studying is very blessed in my opinion. The German government wants only to people with titles and diplomas and that's sad. in 20 years can hardly bake bread or build a house more. Eventually comes the big oho and the common malocher earned as much as a doctor: D

that's all your decision but I will always geprädigt of each that a safe graduation is the best in life. So I would advise you but that's just my sichtweise.

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