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So good morning, studied my niece and I liked it a laptop they give also needs for learning school. What should I watch exactly what is under schid what you used at home and at school?

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It is important to buy a Windows laptop (all simply no MacBook), as well as Macs are also they are not suitable for school rather.

You need secure Microsoft office (usually sold separately)

Then it comes just depends on what else they want to do with it.

If she needs him exclusively for school (write papers, tutorials, web browsing) extends a laptop with an i5 processor with about 2 - 3GHz, 200-500GB HDD / SSD (hard drive) and 4-8GB RAM (memory) is anything not so important.

If they need it for other things, photo editing such example, movie editing, etc. You should make sure that the laptop

- An i7 processor with about 2 - 3GHz has (for video rather towards 3, for photo more towards 2)

- Would be an NVIDIA graphics card is not bad (especially when working with Adobe programs)

- At least 8GB RAM for photo editing or 8GB and upwards for video editing (depending on budget).

- The hard drive size should 500GB or longer (for video rather more)

Just ask what they would use the laptop her niece and you decide so


If they only used him for the part needs not much can. The best still ne matching Microsoft Office version to which is actually the most important.

One probably not you also have to pay themselves the programs. Although I go to high school but there I got from school 5 licenses. OpenOffice could be an alternative, if the same uses as other students, you can also help with problems.

ShinyShadow is right. Except it for studying any design, video image processing or something else. But if ever you'll probably eh not know what exactly.

It's best to ask them for their ideas and needs are also taken into account.

Open office tuts: p

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