Stupid stubble under the armpits

Hello my dears !

I constantly shave underarms and still remain stubble, so a dark spot and that's mega embarrassing if you wear as tops! I want to completely smooth and hairless armpits. Have you as tips?

Many already now =) Thanks

LG Chocri

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Good question! I had the same problem. Use shaving cream (Yes, even under the armpits). Against the dark spots helps if you durchschneidest a potato in half and they aufträgst on your shoulders. Somehow strength is there contained and helps fight dark spots. If you really want to have no hair, vlt a new razor (blade blunt?) Or you buy wax strips or wax and thus departs every hair out. Or a hair removal cream also helps. Just go in the next few dm. There are a lot of choices

I always epiliere my shoulders, pulling at the beginning a little but after that everything is for 2-3 weeks away. :)

Otherwise, I would try as close as possible to shave on the skin, so that you get the hair as short as possible, more me does not fall to but.

I just googled times and there is that you can grow. Because many shine through your hair and if you do that with wax goes to the hair roots outside :-)

After shave immediately deo use that ensures dark spots & always shave wet, then do not stay small stubble :-)

waxen villeicht ...? or epilator. myself but no experience with it.

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