Successor to the G36

Since there is now officially that the G36 is rejected, I know but like to possible successors as the HK417 or possibly The M4

The best answer

No matter what it is as long as is frantically clung to the unspeakable 5,56er cartridge can only be a tolerably useful compromise the G36's successor also.

The G36 was and is not a bad weapon, at least not for the purpose for which it was developed at that time.

For hours of firefights on relatively long distances in hot regions, it was simply not designed and the dubious efficiency of 5,56er NATO ammunition is actually known since Vietnam ........

but this purpose has to do today and no political Sesselpuper artificially upset as if only H + K to spoon the buck.

The Turkish forces were already enthusiastic about HK416 / 417, think that could come it similar in the Bundeswehr

Still unknown. Possibly the successor to the G36

Retrofitting is also in the room.

A new running solves the problem.

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