Suicidal thoughts and depression ..

Dear User!

I'm desperate .. I have since I'm 15 ... depression

I do not know worans is or what basis there .. I have since 15 j. always contentious and stress with my Freunden..bin now still with them "friends" ..

Have just unlucky in love ...

Job Fair: hab 2013 high schools finished, then went 1 school year in the polytechnic school as a voluntary year because I started too late to look for a teaching post (did not really know much about my future thinking ..) was months after the poly 8 unemployed because I got only cancel .. Then on 2 March 2014 I started an apprenticeship as a roofer / Spengler but on the 2nd day of work I am in the company slipped on the steps it has turned me my right foot and I'm the step-down like. In end effect I never imagined the ligaments torn - 6 weeks no work - was terminated. Was somehow not as mine with the ladder and the roof on the climb .. Have now again to be scared long occupation ...

I already long suicidal thoughts ..

Had it already tried ..

For psychiatrist I do not really want because I do not want that my mum will notice some of it because it has already seen a couple of times my arms I vollgeritzt ..

I somehow no more and even if for example friends ask if I'm going away with them life will I reject most from and stay at home ..

Does anyone know what builds one or helps something ..?

No, I'm not looking for attention !!

Sorry for the long life story ..

The best answer

It's best to choose the job that pleases you and is fun and you should advance a high-school diploma get casually try it with YouTube most good YouTuber also started like so how you hang yourself pure

Go with your friends with and do one better, do something that you really fun (if possible with others), try crazy things out, make music (!!) There are many things for which it is worthwhile to live, you need only do ;)

The Draw but from the people. Fighting although it looks bad. Not to be defeated. Fighting continues. Sometime you look back and see what you've done.


What 'ne story! Even frustrating sometimes because you depends a skiing holiday and you're wrong. But that is certainly not the end. First of all you can not help it that you were terminated the apprenticeship. Higher pitch kannste, do nothing. But you are young, hopefully fit again and have plans not to end up as a loser.

What naturally worries me is the long time that you already have a depression (according to your nick You're 19?) And your self-injury, you still are running secretly. This suggests that in your family for a long time important issues were not taken seriously.

Of course, I do not know you, but I think that a psychological / psychiatric treatment for you can be extremely important to sort for you himself what could be shares of a disease or what is actually be an "interaction problem" between you and your parents, etc. could.

As "young full age" you have also not (yet!) Entitlement to youth welfare. Especially in conjunction with a psychiatric reports (by your doctor) you have great chances to get support for education, housing, etc. at the Youth Office.

Also on the Agency for work you can let you advise berufl towards. Rehab. These are for example supported training places for people like you.

You see, there are many ways to achieve his dream job yet. Or just to be clear about what you really want. You are young and have a few more shot. Then give fire!

But if your mother has yet seen your scribed arms, already looking but you have a problem. What would be so bad about going to a man, who is specially trained people how to help you? :) Only with positive building ways in which you are looking for there, the problem will not be solved!

Let help you. You're not alone. There are people who can help you. Why are they there?

OK thanks.

Endiman: I'm looking for an apprenticeship!

I'm from Austria with us is the 4.Hauptschuljahr the final year so for us it is high school with you in Germany Realschule.

intended for youtube I have too little self-confidence and have no idea about what I make videos by topic / te

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