suitable, durable dog equipment!

hey people, someone has particularly good experience with a specific product (leash and collar) which he can recommend because of good quality? the oversupply in the store or in the i-net prevents my decisiveness! had until now of karlie a very nice leather collar and matching leash (tibet). the seams dissolve :-(. a shame. After almost 2 years. may also be that it is the manufacturer-willed, that one should buy all 2 years a new collar / leash / needs. capitalists!

prefer leather! suck Hurtta products something?

So .. if anyone can tell at first attempt "the leash of the company we have already 5 years and it still looks chic" then please recommendations! dog weighs 30 kilos and 45 cm neck circumference!

thank you

The best answer

I now do not know if this helps you somehow, but a friend of mine swears by AniOne ... otherwise you could still ask breeders. Perhaps even a company to know with good products.

Hi bought our collar of a dog exhibition, there stood one who has leather collars made by hand on site, so that we could adjust color, appearance and size accurately and could also make the name on it. Have the collar now for 6 years and it still holds and looks even passable. Is inside with soft leather and outside normal bovine leather and pricewise it was okay Only 14,90 € had paid (for a Chihuahua mix, ie a very small collar) .. would therefore suggest times to a dog exhibition after something to look :)

Have many years of linen Hunter (Krazy Series) for my Great Danes, they are worth every penny. Washer Suitable, very stable. Collars and dishes are also top. not so ideal Sorry for my giant in the fit.

JuliusK9 comes to breast, find collars not as convenient somehow.

But that holds genuine long! Have been around for half an eternity

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