suitable motorcycle a2, high Stizhöe, sporty

Hello, I'm 18 and buy me a motorcycle now. I am very tall (1,95cm), so I would need a great motorcycle. I would also like an athlete / super athlete. The motorcycle should not have more than 35 Kw / 48PS

Do you know matching motorcycles? My favorite is the Kawasaki Ninja 300, but I think that it is too small to me

Mfg Simon

The best answer

There is no super athlete with 48PS and there is no super sports car for so nen giant like you. Also there is no super sports for beginners.

Supersport bikes are for race. Small, light and toxic. All things ned agree with NEM long beginners.

And the Ninja300 is a Zwergenrennerle.

Feather light, but no power, no torque and tiny.

I'm a bit smaller than you, and I'm sitting there on it as the bear cheer circus bicycle; o)

On what you sit now? hmmmmmm.

What would be so your budget? How much should it cost the fun?

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