Suizidgedankennnnnn ........ what to do?! ... ¤¤ ~. ~ ~ `¤¤`

Hello ... I have suicidal thoughts and violent many will not do this to my family and my friends. I want here no attention or so but I want to take me lifelike it must however provide the penetrated to resist. Would be really nice if you could give me tips as I can distract me or could cheer. Thanks in advance:) ♡ ☆ ¤

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Talk to someone in your community about it. Or go to the doctor. I know from experience that you can not do worse his family and friends than that. Believe me. By this all will break.

It is difficult to say to what your thoughts are ... Something must trigger. The reason can be quite ridiculous for others but it is important for you and you must not bottling up in you. You can not help it but please do not close yourself but you'll get help. There are many counselors or psychologists. They know what they are talking and can certainly help you. Attempts simply endure, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

All the best!!! :)

Honestly ... because here is no Psychloge or psychiatrist with certainty, you should seek professional help really. Something no one has to know if you do not want to tell.

Otherwise, you have already a very good approach. Think of your family and friends !!! What would you do to them thus, one can hardly imagine only rudimentary.

What about with drugs?

Just imagine how agonizing and painful a suicide attempt is. If the suicide attempt nähmlich goes wrong, you have an even schlimmered life (including respiratory distress or so)

do not know but it must have a cause

suffer and perhaps to depression

when there are depression, then you can not help it that is simply a disease which is curable ..

is this for quite some time the event?

have to try to go a hobby after

to find life on fun

what do what makes you fun

Enterprises with friends something etc ..

when else I can help you talk or want then let me just

can only recommend to take tablets you also

help for now

like you can feel no trace

but there are similar problems with Vierle

You should seek help. Not here, but the psychologists at the psychiatrist! :) It could really help you :) They are professionals in it. Or talk times with further Mam.

urgently you should see a psychiatrist. There are also psychiatric centers where you can go into therapy. I think that would be very important to you, so that you can protect yourself.

No false modesty. There you can be helped.

I wish you all the best!

Suicidal thoughts always have a trigger. Speech practitioner times with your, a psychologist or the like. The will help you.

Lad you 9Gag down (the app) is, you fürn cheer moment: D search but definitely NEN therapist!

Previously I had no idea why somehow just because of school and I was only in the 6 class .... but I do not think just once about it, the reasons for this are often very weak and guides me cod or something from seeking you vll new hobbies or similar, I do not know if something brings but I hope it

Help you want any?

Someone who really wants to take his own life, you can not cheer up a bit and distract.

Just think of the finer things in life: The fragrant of new-mown grass, to feel the sun on your skin, etc. It is worth it! :))

You can go to a psychologist what you probably do not want mschen but helps

Why did the thoughts?

I know you are all stupid! Do not listen to those who prefer to think of the damage you cause could if you kill yourself. Search NEN therapist or call somehow so ne hotline as suggestion box. Not everyone wants you bad thing.

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