Summary WW1 Western Front?

I need your help. I have in history a lecture worry about WW1 Western Front. I have to Finally, a summary write but I do not know how ... It does not have to be much. But you could be so kind and one probably summed me 3-4 sentences? Thank you in advance :)

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The French and the Germans had a Scores war. Sometimes the German won a piece of land and sometimes the French. It was a back and forth. Here is a website if you want to have it more precisely:

http: // ...

On the topic you are going with info just so overwhelmed when you are looking for on the Internet. Look at times, which have very many good overviews. But if you lack only the summary and thou art already dealt with the subject as you say, then you can you just briefly consider what the key points were and then write the fast together.

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