Supreme Commander (game) which is more effective?

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance What is more effective, a factory that is supported by many Technic core or more factories that build the same?

I've already seen both tactics, but what you could recommend, and why?

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So He this: if you really want spammen units (country units) then you should build more factories. but mostly I would recommend a brand to support with technicians because it is cheaper grade when building T2-3

I use a combined tactics. Since after the authentics build the units only need to leave the factory which takes time. (Just in the country and Navy. I usually play Cybrans and use two factories with Technicker stations. Build quickly and when a factory just taking a break, so that the unit moves / flies / swims away. If the other supports.

It Applies: 20 T3 Technicker +1 T3 Factory = 5 T3 factories

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