Surgical insurance for old dog?

Would you for example, 15-year-old Saint Bernard or similar breeds (ie very large) take out insurance operating in this unusual age? Just out of pure interest. And how much does it as a Bernese Mountain Dog only LINING month?

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the op-insurance you will be an old dog can not conclude on that, but show me first take a 15-year-old Saint Bernard. most since 5-8 years would be dead-sorry, but unfortunately the lebn as a rule no 15 years. a Bernese Mountain dog is übrigends as a rule also not ten years old and the fodder cost amount for a good dry food and Knabberzeugs ca 130 euro. barf could still be a track be expensive, depending on where you have the ingredients here.

Most insurance close to you from only one contract, if the dog is not older than six years. Is unfortunately so, so you'll probably have pitch.

LG sheltie,

I hardly believe that so insured old dog insurance and when it will be expensive.

I pay for 2 dogs both around 30-35 kg € 100 for Barf.

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