Survey! With what age do you want your first time?

So to all boys and girls :) When ye prop. The first mak sex have?

The best answer

If I found the right one ;-)

I am 17, m, and I would have to not mind. Before, I was too early. Since I consider myself a not that I really knew what I wanted. But for me is actually pretty no matter when. The important is who. When I am quite sure I will, I think, have my 1st time

Then when you're with someone you love and you are ready for it. One should not put pressure on yourself :)

So since I live in Jamaica, with 7, that is here the average age for the first time;)

That you can not say so flat. One can not say, with 16, it will be the extent or 18, because I am an adult, because it will happen. It comes when it comes!

The perfect age for the first time: 17 ... not once, but not later;) (not taken too seriously, I've made American series that will teach me such rubbish xD)

Bin 16 would like to have my first time to my engagement. What is indeed most likely take a few more years. What's a good thing. : D

So with 14-16 because I long when I make SB

So I (w16) would then say to wenns comes .. So ne question you can probably bad answer with date and time ..

So I (w / 14) does not want to before I'm 16 have my first time.

With 17 or later.

First friend from 16 and first time so 16-17: but D runs, anyway according to plan xD

My favorit was never xD but otherwise 16/17

I found 16 was a good age, sooner one is still too childish, but each his

from 16 net earlier

I had also by 16.

I had it with 16

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