Sweet dog, but what breed?

Can anyone tell me, to what dog breed this sweet dog belongs .. Thanks in advance;)

The best answer

Pomerianian Pomeranian

belongs to that breed these cute dog

Pomeranian in microformat. Maximum life expectancy four years!

Constantly and repeatedly asked about the race this süüüüüüüßen dog ...

This is a perfectly verqualzüchteter Mini Micro Tea Cup Spitz ...

The life expectancy is very low ...

The acquisition costs are not as high as these dogs always come from irresponsible propagators ...

Healthy Dog Breeding Breeding looks different ...

Ordinary German Spitz are great dogs which may even be very old ...

A Spitz. But please do not be created as a to. The poor critters are completely over-bred and usually have severe problems. And a dog does not make you stick to because he's oh sooo cute and small but also because of the character. Look at you times the shelter to, sitting there enough dogs looking for a home.

Irish Wolfhound

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