Swimming under maybe what mush take and can I badeshırt wear a swimsuit including a?

People soon I under ot floating and I know not really ws should I mitnehemen ok bath towel unsw. What else And also gave us our words sport lehere we either a sport bikini or can attract a swimsuit and a tight bathing short (if need be) I want to put on a bathing suit and including a short tight bathing short but there are then 2 teillig would did you go vllt tips for hair I have long thick hair ubd but he said we did not have time to blow them

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A swimming cap for the hair. A swimsuit or bikini is enough, what you want to attract even more clothes that draw you in water only down. Fashion Show You can later make in the outdoor pool in your spare time.

Swimsuit, tie hair and take cap. An extra towel so you can dry your hair well, then cap on and ready.

a swimsuit and a INCLUDING Badeshort? how is that supposed to please look? normal swimsuit's enough out completely, you do not need more ....

It does not matter what you wear, the main thing you can so good swimmers. Take a simple Badesnzug with and done.

For the hair: Either you take a swim cap with or you live with the fact that you there can not blow-dry your hair and have to walk around with wet hair. Then you have them but have tied.


but You've been swimming, right?

There's only ne bathing cap.

is your question serious? what class are you in? first? the teacher has yet clearly said what should take her! and why you would like to under (over?) a swimsuit nor a bathing shorts (? what's that ??) and the hair? bathing cap, then dry rub thoroughly and ne muetze drueberziehen.

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