Swollen bursa?

Hi, my bursa swollen since I started my training as Anglagenmechaniker, I dafor already loads on the arm had due to weight training and martial arts, but since then I go to work, they are swollen, I have been with the family doctor, who said yes is not bad if it does not hurt, so hurt, it does not, but esa feels weird and looks funny: D

So the practitioner could only tell me that do not make it clear, as long as no acute pain occur, what you can do about the grants, the swelling goes down or something does not recur?

The best answer

Perhaps a visit to the orthopedic surgeons would be well. Not that chronic inflammation is behind it.

Yes does not hurt but should not trivialize it. The best is you do not go to an orthopedic surgeon, but to a surgeon. The puncturing it and then it gets better

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