• Who actually the final examinations are gechrieben? 04-13

    So the books and the tasks and where does it go? --answer-- Most are compiled by teachers and kept in the Ministry of Culture and issued on the day of examination. The Ministry. In the computer by the Ministry. No chance kannste cally hack;) In techn

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  • What are very well-paid jobs in the IT industry with a computer science degree? 03-14

    It seems to me really very auf's money. Whether Hard software I do not care ^^ Skin out. Thank you in advance --answer-- We software developers deserve the best. The wrenches are at the lower end of the wage scale Virtually every professional in the

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  • What is better viewed bzw.wird higher 03-14

    Olympic champion (1st place) or World Champion (1platz) --answer-- Did villeicht exercises for the biceps too much work with his back (Latisimus). Eighth next time it comes all the power from the biceps Olympia is the culmination of a career and is r

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  • Which operating system has the Command System for Mercedes Benz? 03-02

    --answer-- To my knowledge, Solaris

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  • Does anyone have advice on how to better arrive at guys? 02-25

    So I'll only ever viewed by guys but they never ask me about what it could be ..? --answer-- Either they are shy or do not you taste. Every young like other things in a girl Say you to them ;-)

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  • Is there something somewhere? 02-22

    Where can you buy eyebrow shaver for men --answer-- There's nothing specific. but in various drugstores (DM) etc. you get so small "knife" with plastic handle - I think are even specially. If you ask it, you can help you there, and so it's easy!

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  • Do that with you even hurt? 02-19

    So just imagine back and stretches your leg candles straight to the belly high thus showing axial. For me then doing at the hip hurt so press on / pull --answer-- do that simply no longer Little stretchable bands. .. appendicitis

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  • What studies would you recommend? Where is a 'significant' future? 02-13

    Computer science or IT security I'm interested in really burning both, but I can not decide easily. Thank you in advance --answer-- If you are interested in both, then you can both study well. That's just today a hot topic and will remain so. Both Fu

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  • someone knows a very serious question with electrically? 02-09

    someone supposedly makes an education for electronic engineer and the person you I want a serious ask questions. knows her a thank you please reply with --answer-- Ask him how to NEN rectifiers building that is so schwirig that one of no idea has not

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  • If the help for scars? 02-09

    So you take normal Nivea cream and smeared it on it there, just where is the scar and then one discovers that from a piece of aluminum foil. Is that correct? --answer-- I'm sorry but something bewirgt 0% .I have a scar on his nose because of an accid

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  • Could you describe a network administrator as a hacker? 01-28

    --answer-- Would say no, because the network administrator has indeed the right to access the network and hacks not purely ... Can you describe a plum as banana? Rather not. :)

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  • collect evidence (recording), Legal? (Phone, insults, etc.) 01-24

    Hey namely my mother, a former girlfriend calls and insults they always strong and threatening them because of a dispute is it legal if I ne shot them make and can be used against them in court it? --answer-- Without their knowledge and consent, it i

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  • cycling or jogging for fitness? 01-24

    --answer-- Both are good, what is better for you depends on your "starting fitness" to; goes jogging when bad trainirt is fast on the joints and is also not so good for the connective tissue. All thing you burn while jogging more calories. The b

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  • Freestyle rap? question 01-23

    As people create within few seconds texts invent so at freestyle rap? I would need for something hours to invent a reasonably good punchline as provide the people within a few seconds and then also so good eh --answer-- So I'm assuming that you RAM a

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  • What now when the whole world would be an Islamic State? Would then not take alcohol, do not sell cigarettes and no more pork? 01-21

    Takes me now wonderful. --answer-- I think there would be much more violence ... not only because it absolutely must have something to do with religion but because there would be always a "small group" that would contrast and would be a scheisss

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  • How to calculate the radius if I have given the scope? 01-14

    So in a body how? --answer-- It depends on what kind of a body. In a circle or even in a sphere which is the circumference: circumference = 2 * Pi * radius. Or. the radius is then R = circumference / (2 * pi). By Pi and 2

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  • What are good bedtime sayings for women? 01-13

    So very small sets like sweet dreams or sleep sweet or something. Should not be long and nothing kitschy thank you in advance --answer-- I say to my friend sometimes "Let's meet in the same dream again?" Sleep very well in your bed frame I'll be

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  • Are there IT professionals (programmers, developers) where you need higher mathematics as an engineer 01-11

    Strange question, I know ^^ Thank you in advance --answer-- For me, the question arises, what do you mean by an engineer. An engineer has a university degree and mastered higher mathematics in his field safe as well as a doctor or master of his craft

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  • How do I remove iwebar? 01-05

    I have already uninstalled but it is somehow still there help --answer-- With Adwcleaner: http://www.chip.de/downloads/AdwCleaner_58118522.html what's iwebar?

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  • Wars pornstars any diseases? 01-04

    So there are known porn stars who have sex with many other people and unprotected but why get no diseases? Serious question thanks. --answer-- The likely all been studied (and are the must do regularly) and have certainly set out in the Treaties, to

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