• nickel allergy 06-09

    How do I know if I am allergic to nickel? --answer-- Carrying nickel jewelery and watch whether you itch .... Or go best for Artzt and do a test Are a test with a doctor) Test the dermatologist Either the doctor or get tested just something touch of

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  • my mother Lügt at me? 02-09

    She says that I am allergic to sweets. She says that's just because I'm fat or is that really true? --answer-- could be. 50% yes and 50% no. But you have the so see .. she probably just wants the best for you and makes it for health and maternal reas

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  • Allergic to cat food 12-26

    My cat is 6 years old, and already in kitten age that was difficult to find the right food for them. Well, finally had what she if she is found allergic on time, but since some time she vomits after eating something on what is in the food? Have there

    Tags: food, cat, allergic
  • Allergic reaction to lip frenulum piercing? 12-04

    Hello ... I've since 10 days a lip frenulum piercing. Tut actually hurt barely, only if you directly move it strongly. Since 3 days ago I suddenly got red spots on the face and even more pimples. I do not know that, because I normally never get pimpl

    Tags: Piercing, Lip, Allergy, lip bändchen, rash, bubbles, titan, allergic, allergy + lip
  • allergic to mascara? 11-23

    Whenever I wear mascara, catch my eyes to burn. And today, my eyes turned red .. Can it be that I'm allergic or something ??? I wear really very rare mascara, only on special occasions, like today's birthday party my cousin. : - / --answer-- So here

    Tags: Girl, Allergy, mascara, assistance, allergic, allergy + girl
  • Tips for boredom on PC 10-26

    Hello, you have to do what I could do, for me is totally boring. go outside I can not because I'm allergic to virtually everything that's out there. Reading is not really my thing. Do you know any good movies, series, websites, sluices or the like? L

    Tags: Games, Internet, Internet games, boredom, Film, allergic
  • knows the one after eating allergy shear responsive? 10-06

    Hello'm in the hospital and had after eating now already 2 times life-threatening allergic applicable, knows the one that had already times someone? --answer-- Something there, eg to nuts. Your doctor will surely tell you, on what you have responded,

    Tags: reaction, allergic
  • Large swelling after gnats stitch, what to do? 09-19

    I am my whole lifetime allergic to mosquitoes bites and hab grad at Upper Miss and kneeling large swellings that are slightly pointed and slightly larger than a tennis ball. It itches no longer like yesterday but feels really hard on when I get up an

    Tags: Allergy, swollen, swelling, gnats, allergic, gnats sting, swollen swelling +
  • Everything swollen! 06-22

    So I'll start so ... I am 12 years old and makeup me rarely or never. But if I Schminke takes only a little mascara on it ... evening also nice with eye make-up remover abschminken and then .... I have the next morning extremely puffy eyes .... If st

    Tags: Girl, Help, Makeup, mascara, Girl makeup, allergic
  • again after eating allergy shear occurring, have fear of death 04-02

    Hi am on Friday evening against 18:00 hospitalized because I had voltaren resard tablet taken and eaten after half a doner, it began dan at a pressure in the head palpitations, my whole upper body was bright red especially my face, I thought I die. Y

    Tags: seizure, allergic
  • Itching shower after! HELP 03-08

    Hello, sometimes when I shower my skin itchy and irritated. I know that it is dry, but I dope myself eh often (not always) with a body lotion. I once made a test and have a body lotion medically (dm) was tried, and had allergic reactions (bubbles on

    Tags: Problems, cream, shampoo, shower, bubble, body lotion, allergic, Cream + Shampoo
  • Am I allergic to bees? 02-26

    I was stung by a wasp and am not allergirsch on wasps but I am then also immune to bee stings? --answer-- One can not be immune to bee stings. If one is stung, dan does always hurt and swells them. But you can be allergic or non-allergic. Then one is

    Tags: allergic, bee sting, wasps sting
  • Allergic to cats? 02-04

    Hello :) So ... It hatt everything started I've stayed once with my friend the cat has 2, and my eyes were briefly go goodnight red, I had to sneeze all the time and got we have a home ausschlag.Dennoch also 2 huts (old) and which does not happen som

    Tags: Cats, allergic
  • Could I get hay fever? Or even have? 01-14

    Hello, I'm just really worry me. My left nostril runs violently since yesterday afternoon and I have to constantly sneezing. My right nostril also running, but not as much as the left. sneeze so strong I must have been about 3 days ... That's just a

    Tags: Help, Doctor, cold, illness, spring, Doctor + disease, Hay fever, allergic
  • Allergic shock, Doctor? 10-19

    Good day, I'm trying my situation to be brief, on Friday night my girlfriend had probably a slight allergic shock. The shutter we do not know but suspect that it came from the mosquito bites, because my girlfriend about a week ago before the doctor w

    Tags: Doctor, shock, allergic
  • I'm erlergisch against the hare my girlfriend 09-25

    I was about 2 years ago with my girlfriend because she had rabbit and went as everything when I was doing well. The rabbits have died and now she has new. I was with her today and her bunny, then I have to get a juken in the eyes. How can that be? Pl

    Tags: medicine, Allergy, allergic, allergy + allergic
  • Why throbs my finger? 09-24

    Hello, I have been in the forest mushroom and Heillpflanzensuche yesterday and am accordingly climbed through the bushes. Suddenly I realized that the tip of my left little finger felt weird. It feels like a cross between a mosquito bite-like itching

    Tags: Gift, finger, forest, allergic, throb, Gift + Forest
  • Am I allergic to cherries? 08-04

    I have just eaten 3oder4 cherries and suddenly after about 3 min. Does my neck started to scratch and it hurts when I swallow or Esse, I'm allergic to cherries? --answer-- Maybe a grammar cramp? Target's time to give ...

    Tags: cherries, allergic
  • reddish stain 07-25

    Except for the color, I have been a few weeks a spot on the forearm, the itch now and then. Since I scratch occasionally this has increased compared to before. It is about the size of a piece 5DM. What could that be? An allergy? But why did I only ha

    Tags: Allergy, dermatologist, allergic
  • Help! Friend is allergic to hamster, and we want to move in together! 07-18

    Hey guys I urgently need your help! I bought a hamster in December and now has suddenly turned out that my friend is allergic! We want to actually pull the end of the year together, just as if he's allergic! The abgebe the hamster I is not in questio

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