• How long can I leave a dog alone? 05-17

    Hello, my parents and I wanted to buy a dog. There is only one problem, I visit the school and my parents both go to work. My mother is the last to leave the house to exactly 10am she drives always going on, but only about 3 times a week, sometimes i

    Tags: Education, Dog, house, alone, education + Apartment, 5 hours, Puggle
  • My dog ​​does in the apartment when he is alone. 03-12

    Hello, I have a Maltese it is now almost 2 years old, he always does in the apartment when he is alone but I can not always have to be there. I go with him every day out in the morning, noon and night in between in the yard. Hope you me can help Mfg

    Tags: Dog, alone, Dog training, housebroken, dog behavior, housebreaking, alone + dog training, in apartment
  • It knocked on the door ... 01-27

    Hey. I hear there just outside a men and a woman Agreed. Although can not understand what they say, but you want something. The man has just 2 knocked times. Do you think I should open? I am alone at home and have now somehow o_o fear --answer-- Knoc

    Tags: Help, alone, Home, alone at home, DAA
  • Dog is tethered 10-20

    Hello from us is a caravan standing opposite our house and as a young dog is tied to a cord and I do not know what to do because it is freezing outside. Greetings BoxerLiebe2 --answer-- You ruftst to the police and erstattest complaint of animal crue

    Tags: Dog, cold, young, alone, At home, cold alone +
  • dog alone leave employment 09-08

    How to Staff engined a dog when he is alone --answer-- Hello, That's in dogs always relatively difficult, because they are after all social animals, but maybe you'll find the occasional tip: I wi

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • give away dog ​​overnight 09-01

    Hi, I have my beloved dog for 8 months. He is the most time with me as I take him to work, etc. Meanwhile, it can even stay a few hours alone. If I am a little longer away, I look that he comes with my brother and his girlfriend. He likes both very a

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • can a dog be left alone so long? 08-19

    Hello, we had the question whether we can have a dog longer period alone (whether it is for the dog bad is) (is it was even longer than now decided not matter anyway) we have a no get back. But we decided that my mother then does something with the d

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • Cat ownership and dog ownership 08-16

    I have 2 questions asked - even for dog ownership without other dogs and even cats for entertainment without conspecifics. Not because I want to buy a dog (or two) or cat (or two) to me, but because it was something noticed. Apparently it really seem

    Tags: Cats, Dog, alone, cat, Cat + cats, artgenossen
  • Dog holding without conspecifics 08-12

    How do you like it when you hold a single dog (only contact with conspecifics go when going for)? I would be "good" or "bad" on a clear or no reason very. --answer-- I do not think it is necessarily "good", that's a dog happe

    Tags: Animals are kept separately, Dog, alone, alone + dog
  • Parkour training alone 07-18

    Hello, I started 2.5 weeks ago with Parkour. So I do this once a week for about 2 hours. But that is me definitely too little and in my near are two really good places for it. Culture Forum and there in the hinterland from Potsdamer Platz (so I'm fro

    Tags: Sports, training, Train, alone, embarrassing, Parkour, uncomfortable, shame, traceur, embarrassment + Training
  • deep unhappy 02-24

    (I pay attention not even on spelling and punctuation) Hey, I'm still 14 years of age and have been a few months achieved the nadir of unhappiness. I am totally dissatisfied with my life .I have tried to talk with friends but I have a feeling they wo

    Tags: depression, alone, unhappiness
  • is a ferret better for me than a dog? 01-23

    hello so I'm 3 days in the week 8 hours off the other 2 I'm 6 hours away and on weekends I always time. I'd like a dog because I simply much rather have than other animals but I would look after only alone probably he may have to halt some hours endu

    Tags: Dog, house, alone, ferret, alone + Apartment
  • can i NEN dog 8 hours alone leave? 01-23

    Hello I want to buy me a dog but I am at least 3 times a week from 7 am to 15:30 away so 7 hours un 30 the dog would be alone, the two other days I would be from 7 to 13 off so 6 hours and on weekends I would always time it would take to when I leave

    Tags: Dog, alone, Hours
  • How do I get nachhaus 01-09

    Hello dear people I bon just in lisbon and mypass runs in 1 week off .... I have no money and want to return back to my country. ... It did not work as it should and now I stand in front of the .... from the related circular is not helping this answe

    Tags: message, alone, homeless, broke, Assistance abroad, alone + abroad
  • dog is afraid that we do not come back 12-02

    Hello, I have a slightly more serious and ask zwa my family and I were in September bought a miniature pinscher lady she is jetz 7 months. She makes everything fine, is housebroken, listens well, is supa dear, like everyone, gets along with any dog,

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • Dog 10 std alone at night? 09-07

    I'm always every few days for 10 hrs in the night shift so you think that you a'welpen aged six months and as long as can be alone? Or would it still possible? --answer-- No, it's not, sorry. Puppies should to not remain alone as little as possible a

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • Dog becomes a sea monster 09-06

    Hey, I'm at my parents' house NEN 4-year Goldie. Jasper whines whenever he is alone at home and from the depths of the lungs, sometimes he sounds like a sea monster. Unfortunately, it is currently much alone at home because my parents both work and I

    Tags: Dog, alone, howling
  • blank dog on New Year's Eve alone 08-17

    I have a dog at home care of but almost how my own. let alone is not a problem for them but now I do not know if I can make it to New Year's Eve itself. On yt I played her something that anhöhrt like silvester knaller. She has not moved and that they

    Tags: Dog, alone, New Year's Eve, Boeller, At home, fireworks, alone + Silvester
  • Little time and still dog? 07-29

    Hello, I'm 18 and currently studying (the next 7 years expected). I am a total animal nice person and from an early age it was always my biggest wish a dog - a best friend - to have .. My lecture times are well placed so the dog for hours for no long

    Tags: Animals, Dog, alone, puppy, alone + dog
  • Question: blank dog alone. 07-26

    So. I would soon get a dog from a shelter me. They are sometimes even Housebroken. And I'm from 8am're 14: 25 not at home (Monday-Friday) (school). And in time, so most can yes, even in practice, an adult dog stand (as far as I know ...). And now you

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