• Cat tränt of eye! 10-14

    The cat of our neighbor tränt from the eye and the neighbor says sometimes seems the liquid to be a little bloody. But it is not sure, and does not know whether it should go to the vet. Your second still very young cat also tränt but no blood (if the

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  • Young dog runs away 09-30

    So my pomeranian (6 months), the command "here" or hear on behalf learned super and dominated. There were never any problems it is immediately, even with a small whistle, come running to me. Since 1 Week she finds it really exciting and fun to r

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  • silent fur shaver for dog, there mean? 09-27

    Hello, I have a dog. This however can not be cut by a dog grooming and whines and tries to pull away, so I could not expect him and had even cut zuhaus with normal scissors him what I really hinbekam well, only that I have 2 and a half hours needed a

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  • My dog ​​loses any liquid? 09-26

    Hello, my dog ​​had now been a few times and just now again. He's just fallen hard then get air and then the entire floor was wet at once. The lay in a puddle right and are we SURE !! That was NOT urine! Does anyone know what that might be? I'm full

    Tags: sick, Animals, Dog, Disease, Veterinarian, dog + disease
  • Dog Add 3 years old 09-25

    Hey my dog ​​has unfortunately proposed but has got used to us. Will he get used to his new family? Because he is not even 2 hours with a buddy, he said howling all the time outside the door: /. --answer-- The dog will probably settle better with peo

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  • Separation for dog !? 09-25

    Hello everybody. For some time now I am concerned with the question whether I should separate myself from my friend! We have been together 2 years, 2 months since we have a little puppy. The problem is, by the dog, I realized how irresponsible and se

    Tags: Animals, Dog, separation, dog + separation
  • dog and so 09-24

    so people, I JTZ 3 animals. a 1-year hangover, a 2 year old bitch, and an almost 11 month old rude. They are all young, so I'm always busy at home with them. (Go also to hundeschule) JTZ it so I my rude since 2 days officially have with me, got it be

    Tags: shy, Problems, men, Animals, fear, Dog, past, young dog, Angst + dog
  • Why the dog runs despite enough run in a circle? 09-24

    Hi I have been about a week a border collie that came from einem.hof where he was really badly treated ... he was bound with a 1m leash to a pole and day and night outside ... when he came here he has :( be placed directly in front of the goal, howev

    Tags: Animals, Dog, dog behavior, dog + dog behavior
  • Which dog works very similar to the wolf most 09-24

    --answer-- There are wolfhounds, which look similar and it is also a wolf share in it, that their behavior is similar to that of a wolf. There are two recognized FCI Breed: Saarloos Wolfhound (SWH). 1963 officially crossed the last wolf. Is the behav

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Horse, Dog, wolf, dog + horses
  • dog neutered because of the list. 09-24

    So, we were now imposed on the dogs to neuter because under 5 dogs and one female is present. pretty stupid, you have to list dogs neutered or what? one can perform a chemiche castration in a female dog? --answer-- I think it's great that you're Kast

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Dog + breadcrumbs 09-23

    Hello, it's bad when a dog has eaten bread crumbs? because you have to equal to the vet? --answer-- That's not bad. When I think about what's happening in the most finished chucks so in there that comes out unfortunately almost the same thing. Solang

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Currency, breadcrumbs
  • What Do If The dog Eifersüchtigt Is? 09-22

    Hello my friends, my neighbors have a dog and got 1st year before growth and our dog is totally eifersüchtigt. Our dog growls and barks always the neighbor's dog and the baby. What can you do about it? --answer-- Amiga has already given you a great s

    Tags: Animals, jealousy, Dog, jealousy + dog
  • dog worming with coconut seed paste 09-22

    Hello, I would like to know if I can my dog ​​worming also administer altbewerte budget? I was to #### coconut seed oil #### recommended as a paste from the herbalist's or bioladen which probably also help to hide tick treatment and fleas soll.stimmt

    Tags: Health, Animals, Dog, dog + animals worming
  • What to do with the dog in isolation? 09-22

    Hello, ne known of with wants to get engaged separate from her, but she says if she takes off then they can not take the dog because their parents have 2 dogs and the three of us do not get along. And without the dog does not want to because her fian

    Tags: Animals, Dog, separation, pets + dog
  • Diagnosis "heart failure" in the dog 09-21

    Hello everybody, my dog's heart failure was observed. Who has thus experience and can tell me roughly what could happen to me for cost of drug therapy. It is a small Yorkshire lady and 11 years. --answer-- Hello, first of all I would have to investig

    Tags: Animals, Dog, heart disease +, Heart failure, heart disease + dog
  • I really want a small or medium-large dog ?? 09-21

    Hi, I love dogs and wish always a dog ??. But unfortunately my mum so far on the other hand !!! My dad loves dogs just like me. Our location is also perfect, we live in a big house in the countryside with large house. He would approx 3-5 hrs. Alone b

    Tags: parents, Animals, Dog, parents + dog
  • of cuddly dog ​​for Biter 09-21

    Hi I hope here are some case the experience and knowledge with dogs have Namely it comes that my schäferhundmix (9Years) of love pet dog in within of seconds extremely aggressive he is barking bares his teeth and snarls without reason he even goes to

    Tags: Animals, Dog, aggressive-behavior
  • dog neutered? 09-21

    Hi we have 2 rude ... they are now 2 years old ... they are both not neutered and are brothers so from a throw everything .... so ok .... first of december was the horror ... 4 hot bitches indirectly in our near ... the dogs are freaked really ... th

    Tags: Animals, Dog, social behavior +, bitch, bitch + dog, dogs know
  • Dog licks all the time from the basket 09-21

    Hi, Our dog (soon 15) sucks several times a day, determines a quarter of an hour at a stretch from her basket and also does not stop when you pulls. Are the tics or just territorial behavior? --answer-- Could also be a vitamin or mineral deficiency b

    Tags: Animals, pets + dog, dog behavior, tics
  • Dog of neighbor annoys night total (alone) 09-20

    Hello community, our neighbors go on weekends sometimes away and leave from and to the dog alone the problem is it once it is in the evening no idea why is only barking at. Can we ever leave the dog alone? --answer-- First of all out to address the n

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