• Dog questions Welpenschule / Hundeschule 05-19

    Hi :) I have a few questions because we :) soon get a dog here a few questions: • What do you do in the puppy school • When will you go with the dog in the puppy school • from how many years I can with the dog in the puppy school (as it is mine) • Ho

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  • Is it bad if my dog ​​always has a dry nose? 05-19

    Have heard that this is not so healthy .. --answer-- Our hangover has also often dry nose, but he will soon be 16 and is healthy. Watch it easy If he has consistently then he might be sick because he hatt warm or hot ears prüf the times Are you sure

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  • Lease dog allowed 05-18

    Huhu people, have found an apartment and signed rental agreement, there are dogs allowed but would like one, have ever heard the dogs up to 10KG may not be prohibited, because the or similar to small animals would include ... small animals incl. Cats

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  • Dog with Polish vaccination certificate 05-17

    Hi, a friend has now bought a dog from a seemingly reputable breeder. The dog looks well cared for and healthy. Unfortunately, it does at home only found the dog a Polish vaccination card has. Keep the puppy then ever be in Germany or is this illegal

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  • Dog toilet training for older dog 05-17

    I have a 10 year old Maleserin. She is housebroken. Since I'm working and I'm wondering if it is even older and maybe in need but once Clefairy must make, I wanted to learn it as you go to the dog toilet. Will not too early nor too late with it. My q

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  • Dog food, husky 05-16

    What should a dog eat to be well fed (zb.calzium etc) and what is not likely? --answer-- Barf or Prey. Importantly, this is all raw. at least 70% meat offal + + + bone rumen it should 15 to 25% fat be contained 30% pureed vegetables and fruits qualit

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  • Dog and puppy for a separate year? 05-16

    a mother dog and puppy whose recognition again if they have not seen in a year? --answer-- Yes ... so I think so because with us was so (The are 3 years apart) and the true totally happy. * - ^ So, what has to be seen in dogs sometimes have ^ * they

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  • new dog has not peed all day 05-15

    Hello, we have today (a 2-year-old mixed breed lady) brought animal shelter at 9:00 unsen dog from which we were already 3 times a 1-1 / 2 hour walkies with her and she has not peed yet Kot I sold go again later with her but so far nada Otherwise has

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  • Dog varies, tends only to the right and falls (no equilibrium) 05-14

    Hello, for a few hours can not just run from my dog, tends always to run just to the right and tried always to lean. He also drinks a lot and when he is a few seconds or sitting it tilts to the right, and also rotates in a circle sometimes when you c

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  • Dog bit. How should I behave? 05-14

    Since my mother has a new boyfriend, the family behaves dog me gegeüber otherwise he was always very loving and prop. I was always his reference person, but whenever the friend as has ignored me, the dog, and also do not want me out go, they want to

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  • Dog totally tired after deworming tablet 05-13

    Hi Guys, My Pomeranian is very tired after worming. Is that normal? Kind regards --answer-- Yes that can happen. Watching you make the dog nonetheless. A small note for deworming, since your dog so apparently already sensitive: Wormers are not to be

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  • how can I help my dog 05-11

    My Labi Mix has since 3 days Pimples on back of the head and around the ears! These pimples are getting bigger and begin to scab ... it seems him to itch but personality changes, I can not tell ... I do not have the wherewithal to go with him to the

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  • Dog is injured. How can I help? What can I do? 05-07

    Hello In my village for many years a dog running around. He must free rumspazieren in the village and the owner cares not a bit. Now the dog is injured. So better he said limping. But that is not just a little but very extreme. He can hardly walk and

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  • cost of a dog per month in Switzerland 05-04

    How much does one dog per month in Swiss francs. I would very much like to put me a dog but it was only one time I have to gather a lot more information. It should work with all the trimmings (dishes, leash, bowls, etc.) LG --answer-- The basic equip

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  • Winking Cat? 05-02

    I am currently in my godparents aunt and two cats. I observed this time and have MCCH asked if cats actually blink, because I have not actually seen it in two. Thank you in advance now Thanks for your answers. --answer-- Quote of this website> Maybe

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  • Respect because the pack leader? 05-01

    Hello, a person has a puppy for a few weeks and the dog never plays with him, at least not like me or other colleagues. He is extremely jealous strikes the dog with him, never deal so he can then come up with an excuse, saying that he just respect me

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  • Dog howls crying 04-30

    Hello, I have a short hair chiwawa (6-7monate old) and our trouble's just when my parents left the house he catch on to whine and cry and after a few minutes he is back to normal but after 10-15 minutes. he catch again, whether my brother or I are ho

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  • socialize from dog & cat? 04-30

    I get to a puppy shi (9 months) soon f. 3 where to care. frauchen was yesterday because sniff with him for mutual, because my cat (6 years) yes would get along with him. first meet was so-so ... dog has never had a cat seen u. my cat never had a dog.

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  • Dog wanted. With these features, 04-30

    Hey Hey, Will soon be 18 and look around just for a dog. I do not know what breed to take. I'd prefer to take a Bernese Mountain Dog. But the dog should also have these characteristics: Cuddly little run, black-brown or black-and-white fur have. He s

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  • Adopting a second dog? 04-29

    Hello, I am for one year in a dog from Hungary smitten. I find them just to bite, her charisma is so friendly and warm. It is also compatible just like my dog. But I'm not sure how the 2 dogs, so I have one. What is your experience with two? Have you

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