• What does my dog? You know advice? 12-05

    Hi, do you know what our Woof? He: eats his food not, is (only treat) much, drinks little, is very affectionate and often licking the genital area. and that is damp and cool but since this morning .... nose. Normally it will be an attentive, affectio

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  • My dog ​​feces on time! 12-05

    My dog ​​is now 2 year old. Unfortunately, he did several months ago started to eat his own excrement. I had read this cheap food from Edeka. can I just then time computer store for assistance and was told that he gets well enough calcium through the

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  • Takes me a dog health insurance despite herniated disc? 12-04

    Hello everybody, my little mixed breed dog Mila (3 years) is in tierärtzlichen treatment in February, 2015. Diagnosis: herniated She has now received a Schmerztherapier and be decided in the coming weeks must, if she needs surgery. I would because of

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  • provide a home to a dog? 12-01

    I want to offer a home to a dog. have by dog-sit experience in handling and feeding education. I would have space for a midsize to dog. I live in a small town in a 55 sqm apartment and work Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day. I go out a lot and may th

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  • Dog with herniated disc! Euthanasia? 11-30

    Hi everybody, my dog ​​is this May 8 years old. For a few months she has severe back problems .... us much at first only on that she made pure again, and we could not explain ... we have a 1.5 year old daughter and thought at first that it only jealo

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  • Puppy training (walking the dog, etc.) 11-29

    Hello everyone, it's about my 11 week old puppies, I have brought to me yesterday. He is a very sweet but understandably more anxious and insecure. But we have already established a good bond. Well today I did not go to the same dog school because I

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  • My dog ​​does not tolerate Treats 11-28

    My dog ​​6 years (Shepherd) always gets in treats diarrhea and I have really been many different ways tried but at the slightest bit where he he eats the next day diarrhea What can I do here or treats to make you know any recipes themselves ? Thanks

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  • My dog ​​scratches himself all the time 11-28

    Hey My dog ​​scratches himself all the time we do not know what he has my parents have investigated as early as the Internet is just that we should not ignore him but that is permanent and not a solution! LG ;-) --answer-- The following factors may b

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  • is a rottweiler \ kangal hybrid one or no list dog in brandenburg 11-22

    I have a question is a rottweiler \ kangal mischling a list dog because the is no kangal and the rottweiler one in Brandenburg. --answer-- The regulations and laws define hybrids of at least one listed race also as a list dogs. But since it is a hybr

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  • wanted to buy Lysium 11-19

    Hello I'm looking for my rabbit lysium tablets to buy. someone I can get it against bladder stones Weiss where? --answer-- How would it be time to ask the vet !! XD The wirds also diagnostizert and then you also sell the right medication;) if it is a

    Tags: Animals, rabbit, Veterinarian, rabbit + Vet
  • dog probably injured his hip, vet ?! 11-14

    Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with h

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  • Why is my dog ​​like that? - 11-14

    Hey, I do not know if this is normal but whenever my dog ​​he is encountered with this a dog really hyperactive and the other dog yelps ever to come to my and my captures in recent times however so on I do not know if this is normal like the too much

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  • dog leave .. But involuntarily 11-14

    Hi Guys. And although I am again drew back in my hometown half a year in NRW usual again in Hessen. My dog ​​was in the care of my Mutter..Sie has just issued I was pretty shocked because it was my and they should take care of him and she said yes an

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  • Dog is afraid Help 11-13

    Hey My dog ​​is four years old, which is a yorkshire terrier & she afraid of other dogs. If a dog is because it sniffs briefly and then hides behind me. Every day I go 4 times with her and each time she responded that way. We have been 3 days the dog

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  • immunization schedules dog 11-13

    Hello, has anyone ever of you busy with the vaccines and their durability? Specifically it comes to SHP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus) me. According immunization schedules nachzuimpfen every 3 years. My vet said that this is nonsense, because the

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  • Dog has constipation important 11-12

    Hello, we have a small spitz who often clog my father gives him just wet feed is the maybe it or waran it may be? --answer-- Wet food is better than dry food definitely. This is right on the wet food I do not think so, but what gets the little dog to

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  • Dog - How can I convince my parents? 11-12

    Hello first;) I wish already looooong long a dog have already experiences with them <3 Now it is so, we live in a house with a large garden, more rural. A dog would also fit well in our everyday life ... although there were 2 problems because of the

    Tags: parents, Animals, Dog, parents + dog
  • Gel for chemotherapy (dog) 11-11

    Hello everyone, unfortunately, has confirmed yesterday when my 5 year old Maltese dog suspected lymphoma. Today we go to the vet No.4 to just do it again to be sure, what about it. All veterinarians believe that although the cancer came quickly and r

    Tags: cancer, Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, donation, dog + Vet
  • Does anyone know this black dog? 11-11

    Hello! what kind of dog's breed is it? I think it is a watchdog. But it looks too muscular for a Hovawart, right? Thank you! --answer-- This may well be a strong Hovawartrüde. I know a Newfoundland-Rottweiler mix of looks similar I tnediere also mean

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  • Therapy and Tournament dog? 11-11

    Can it be with a dog agree to do on a rail therapy (animal assisted therapy) and in Leisure Tournament Sport (Agility, Obdience ...)? Do you have experience? :) Thank you in advance: D --answer-- If you do "quiet, stress-free" sports with him, I

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