• Suche_Anime! 10-24

    Seeking a good Anime (Genre matter) Viewed: Sailor Moon Jeanne the Kamikaze thief Neon Genesis Evangelion Death Note Mirai Nikki Elfen Lied Thank you for your answers (: --answer-- Shinsekai Yori; beginning but a bit boring is this anime in the end o

    Tags: Anime
  • hellsing on eng sub! 09-30

    Hello, I want to watch the first echelon of hellsing sub on eng I hate nunja ger dub So please just left, or the like of eng SUB notified! ;) Mfg Hendrik; ) --answer-- What is your idea the "first season"? The old Hellsing Anime - there are comp

    Tags: Series, Anime, Hellsing, Hellsing + Series
  • Brother Conflict - gets a second season? 08-03

    I have read the iwo there should be a second season. Does anyone know anything about that? --answer-- From a Season 2 I do not know, but there will be a 2-part OVA, which will have the themes Christmas and Valentine's Day. The first OVA is already pu

    Tags: Anime, new, Season, new season
  • wanted anime with German Synchro 03-15

    Seeking animes with comedy, fantasy, romantic, magic and especially with German Synchro. I know that this issue but was put here many times, the animes that were called, were often still not with German Synchro. I therefore ask you to call me animes

    Tags: Anime, German Syncro
  • Änliche animes like Busou shinki 01-07

    Seeking an anime is as Busou shinki. One where so little people. Whether human or robot but so small mänschen were already good. --answer-- sora no otoshimono

    Tags: Leisure, Anime, robots, robot anime
  • More good Animies from the creators? 11-22

    Hello I heard that Toradora from the creators of Sakurasou no pet no kanojo. Could be good I think so, but knows her perhaps more Animies from the same creators? Because Toradora and Sakurasou are my big Favos and I'd love to see more of the creators

    Tags: Anime, recommendation
  • Death Note end -Attention TORN spoiler 10-13

    I once thought about the Death Note series and I think that's the end of the series was very poorly executed! It would not have happened so much and how cool would it be if Light would reach its destination ?! And quite apart from the makers could st

    Tags: Anime, Light, end, Death Note, korra, Light Yagami, near, Misa Amane, Death Note + End
  • Christmas gift ... anime & manga 10-10

    Hi folks, I have before my stepmother of anime and manga testify to because for them "all the same crap is" so I wonder degree that I could give her the she realizes that as more story in this box as in "Goodbye Germany :) so do an nen stor

    Tags: Gift, Anime, Manga, Anime + Manga
  • Is the Anime Little Busters EX a continuation of season 2 Little Busters Refrain? 10-08

    If not, at what result, EX differs from the original anime from? --answer-- It is not a sequel to Little Busters Refrain. This is just an Ova. No show there is still another

    Tags: Anime, badge, season 2, continuation, chorus, season-3, Little Busters
  • If the anime sakurasou no pet na kanojo a 2 come staffrl? 09-12

    Hello I wanted to know whether to sakurasou no pet na kanojo a is 2 season coming please respond quickly and if you ehnliche animes knows then please pack in the answer :) --answer-- Just as it looks, the whole light novel are to ,, to the end "... S

    Tags: Anime, season 2
  • anime, with cool (fantasy) skills / forces / Magic 08-26

    Hey :) Seeking wiedermal NEN good anime, I prefer animes with fantasy forces, so magic and so, if you know what I mean: D Hab eg legend of korra, fairy tail, blue exorcist, elfenlied or attack on titan seen :) One piece I do not like, so it strike me

    Tags: fantasy, Anime, power, magic, Fantasy + power
  • Anime as the heist again? 03-16

    Hello've forgotten how the anime heist here a small description: A young dies in a series of mysterious mordfääle and we somehow enlivened by a strange girl and comes on so ne magic academy --answer-- Sounds something to Is This a Zombie?. Since the

    Tags: Anime, Manga, Consultancy
  • Animes like Danganronpa? 03-16

    Hey: 3 I would like to know if there are other animes are the Danganronpa resemble most VERY: 3 Thanks in advance! Mary ~ --answer-- Akuma no riddle

    Tags: Anime, danganronpa
  • What is this song from the video below? 03-16 Location: 12.41; because where Levi Eren occurs to the ground thanks ^^ --answer-- boneless - steve aoki, chris lake and Tujamo do you know shazam ^^ Delirious Steve Aoki?)

    Tags: Youtube, Anime, Attack Titan, Song on song Anime
  • If a 3 Season Chuunibyou come? 03-16

    Will there be a Season 3. And if so, when it comes out --answer-- This question someone has just now asked oO ... Well, then again :) Reply It was not yet announced and 100% I can predict even less ... Whether it is possible I have no idea ... But if

    Tags: Anime, Manga, chuunibyou
  • Anime text, but for what? 03-16

    one knows this mini mini text? I know that there is very little, but I try it once: We are not looking the word, her looking the word not There is really little, but I just hope at some anime fans who know the anime xD Lg alessio --answer-- Could Att

    Tags: Anime, Poetry, Text
  • Search songs like many many thanks 03-16

    People I seek songs that you hear when you're in love should Hipp Hopp his or anime songs can be sad or really cool but I beforzuge really cool --answer-- I now do not know exactly whether that is what you mean ... but ok: Be as one (fairy tail endin

    Tags: Love, song, Anime, hip, Anime Song +, hop
  • What Anine you could recommend? 03-16

    My wishes: etc. Drama School setting gloomy / oppressive and / or serious / deep Themes You might want to sometimes look at my profile Anisearch what I know scon:,hanyuu-sama/anime/index --answer-- AnoHana Ef: A T

    Tags: Anime, Manga
  • Styrodur suitable for Cosplay sword? 03-16

    Hello! I want Asuna cosplay of Sword Art Online and the outfit as well as possible establish itself (everything except shoes and wig). For the sword I thought of Styrodur. However, I do not know how stable this is because I've never had Styrodur in h

    Tags: Anime, Manga, Cosplay, crafts, handicrafts, styrodur, crafts + Manga
  • Anime Search knows jemend 03-15

    hi Guys White one of you for what anime is this? --answer-- here :)

    Tags: Anime, Manga



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