• Epic Anime Openings? 12-02

    What are your favorite Anime Openings? (The sentence was really xD?) Hab again Bock on really epic and cool tracks like: Guren no Yumiya Unravel: 3 --answer-- So this is now no direct opening, but the song of Inori from Guilty Crown, which runs resul

    Tags: Anime, Opening
  • Seeking proper love story animes 11-01

    As above is Danke :) --answer-- Toradora! Romance, Comedy, Drama, no ecchi or harem. Kobato. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, no ecchi or harem. The Familiar of Zero. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Ecchi (medium), Harem, Action. Hoshizora e

    Tags: Love, Anime, Story, love story
  • Looking for a good Anime Anime with this genre ... 09-18

    Seeking a more Anime of this period (2013 - 2015) Genre are like me: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Mecha, Romance, School, SciFi, Super Power. Anime with such a genre I look very much like a bsp: Date a Live and which I do not like: sports, music. --

    Tags: Series, Anime, Manga, Manga + series
  • What cosplay would be me 08-20

    I am small and thin

    Tags: Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Costume, costume + Manga
  • Anime Man with cat / dog ears

    Anime Man with cat / dog ears 08-04

    It is this character to an anime? If Yes, you know how the Means? --answer-- This is a person of a game that Dandelion is: "Wishes brought to you" calls. the game is available on Steam :) The times I have all the PC me.

    Tags: Anime, Damon
  • Romance \ Drama Anime 06-25

    Can anyone recommend someone Anime Romance / Drama / Slice of Life? Similar to Ao haru ride (blue spring ride) - so it is to strain the lacrimal glands. Can also be manganese. thank you --answer-- We Were There Clannad Nana AnoHana Kimi ni Todoke Suk

    Tags: Anime, Manga, Drama, romance, slice-of-life, drama + Manga
  • Find new animes pastime 05-15

    So the problem is that I know almost all the anime vorschlagt her me. Because I have all animes available at Burning series already watched. I have seen all of Elite anime and Shonen jack. please help --answer-- Most visit while on burning-series, bu

    Tags: Anime, Manga, pastime
  • Plays with in Phantom Bullet (Swort Art Online) asuna? 05-15

    standing on top --answer-- But in the SAO2 (follow Especially the last) often occurs in the Phantom Bullet part is it only a minor person you from time to time and see Well, Asuna plays in the first half of SAO II prop only ne small role, but you wil

    Tags: Anime, Manga, Sunna, Manga + Sunna
  • Giant hatred Anime || Where does it come from? 04-26

    Hello. Why do I have such a huge hatred of anime and everything that has to do with it? Manga, Anime, everything! I've always hated so disgusting and I do not know where that comes from. Can someone help me? Actually, they are quite pretty and so ...

    Tags: Anime, Hass
  • To all ANIME fans: D! 04-23

    Hi I am 16 and found animes always interesting and will now begin it well to look ^^ and now the question arises what which one to look at me? Can also list so schoolgirl meets boy with his Action halt; D oh yeah and Attack on Titan and Death Note I'

    Tags: Anime, Manga, freshman, freshman Manga +
  • What is the song at the end of Black Blood Brothers 03-29

    Hey guys, At the end of the anime show Black Blood Brothers song always comes as the final credits. I like the song very much and would like to listen to me so, but I need the name. Does the chance someone, it would be best yet with a link to downloa

    Tags: song, Download, Anime, Anime download, guy
  • Anime series wanted! 03-28

    I'm looking for animes like the Devil is a Part Timer and Sword Art Online, ie with fantasy, magic and comedy. Although I know that some anime in the original sound better, but I am now here only after which the German uf are (ie Ger dub). Thanks in

    Tags: Anime, Manga
  • Where is the 2nd episode of Vampire Knight? 02-23

    Hello I've been long searching for the 2nd episode of this anime! On anime-loads they went not with me and NowVideo not ... You know maybe what? thank you in advance Jamie --answer--

    Tags: Anime, Vampire, knight, Knight + Vampire
  • Suche_Anime! 10-24

    Seeking a good Anime (Genre matter) Viewed: Sailor Moon Jeanne the Kamikaze thief Neon Genesis Evangelion Death Note Mirai Nikki Elfen Lied Thank you for your answers (: --answer-- Shinsekai Yori; beginning but a bit boring is this anime in the end o

    Tags: Anime
  • hellsing on eng sub! 09-30

    Hello, I want to watch the first echelon of hellsing sub on eng I hate nunja ger dub So please just left, or the like of eng SUB notified! ;) Mfg Hendrik; ) --answer-- What is your idea the "first season"? The old Hellsing Anime - there are comp

    Tags: Series, Anime, Hellsing, Hellsing + Series
  • Brother Conflict - gets a second season? 08-03

    I have read the iwo there should be a second season. Does anyone know anything about that? --answer-- From a Season 2 I do not know, but there will be a 2-part OVA, which will have the themes Christmas and Valentine's Day. The first OVA is already pu

    Tags: Anime, new, Season, new season
  • wanted anime with German Synchro 03-15

    Seeking animes with comedy, fantasy, romantic, magic and especially with German Synchro. I know that this issue but was put here many times, the animes that were called, were often still not with German Synchro. I therefore ask you to call me animes

    Tags: Anime, German Syncro
  • Änliche animes like Busou shinki 01-07

    Seeking an anime is as Busou shinki. One where so little people. Whether human or robot but so small mänschen were already good. --answer-- sora no otoshimono

    Tags: Leisure, Anime, robots, robot anime
  • More good Animies from the creators? 11-22

    Hello I heard that Toradora from the creators of Sakurasou no pet no kanojo. Could be good I think so, but knows her perhaps more Animies from the same creators? Because Toradora and Sakurasou are my big Favos and I'd love to see more of the creators

    Tags: Anime, recommendation
  • Death Note end -Attention TORN spoiler 10-13

    I once thought about the Death Note series and I think that's the end of the series was very poorly executed! It would not have happened so much and how cool would it be if Light would reach its destination ?! And quite apart from the makers could st

    Tags: Anime, Light, end, Death Note, korra, Light Yagami, near, Misa Amane, Death Note + End



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