• Is 200 MB Internet a lot? 03-10

    Hi folks :) I have a smart phone, but go so never (except on wifi) to the Internet. I am offered, where you can zubuchen as prepaid monthly rates, and I would like a fare zubuchen with 200 free minutes and -SMS. Plus, there's 200MB of high-sp

    Tags: Internet, App, Mobile, prepaid, smart phone, phone + smartphone tariffs
  • Is the app rubblys legal? 01-24

    --answer-- These are only normal business that you are within 24 hr at disposal Yes the hold is generally not illegal

    Tags: App
  • Forgot Snapchat Username 12-21

    Hello, I had installed 6 months ago Snapchat, but it had uninstalled again after a few days. Now I have downloaded it again and I found that I forgot my username AND password. Unfortunately, there is only a "forgot password" feature and no "

    Tags: Chat, App, Phone, Snapchat, App chat
  • Music app IOS (free) 10-23

    Search a ︝Gute ︝Kostenlose music app for iphone. There defend very well if you can hear the music even without internet

    Tags: Music, App, ios, ios app +
  • Question how to do something on Apple 06-20

    Full many do in Instagram before they go on vacation so a display such as 5 days to LA on the lock screen (I think) How can you do that? With an app or you must adjust somehow especially with the alarm clock? :) Thank you in advance! --answer-- That

    Tags: Technology, App, Vacations, Apple, Android, instagram, Apple + holiday
  • Best Game and Apps for the iPad Air 06-07

    Do you know any good games with good graphics or apps for example news? --answer-- News? Just as the Tagesschau app or mirror online?

    Tags: App, Apple, ios, iPad, App + iPad
  • App Parkour 06-04

    Hi there is a good app with which you can make new parkour tricks? --answer-- parkour tricks with an app? you do not something, by getting dressed and goes out. so live entirely in the real and the fresh air ....

    Tags: App, Parkour
  • Create Gif's ... how ... and where 04-29

    Does anyone know of a program or best even an app which I can create gif's (animated) (so this little short video with no sound going more than 5 sec. if you know what I mean) --answer-- "Animated gifs": D So GIFs are always animated, those are

    Tags: App, gif
  • create graphics for an app 04-16

    Good evening, In my last question, I had an image of the program, and there is a box was indeed there. If the box so to speak, the screen of the phone, and since I can now strokes and stuff on it character, and if I want to when you click on the squa

    Tags: App, Android, Graphics, create, App + graphics
  • Shows on the phone 04-01

    Does anyone know an app for Android where you can look series? So cool series like PLL or so. In German, if possible even versionem in English with German subtitles, that would not be but so important. So far I have only found as Comic Scheiss ... --

    Tags: App, Apps, Series, App + Apps
  • Page Manager - How people block? 02-21

    Hello :), I have a page on Facebook and would like to block someone from there. I find among the settings "list of banned individuals", can there but no insert. A list of all Liker shows me the app not to .. Can someone help me? Thank you, JulKr

    Tags: App, Facebook, block, App + block, Page Manager
  • Lovoo friends looking with names? 02-21

    Hello :) I never imagined the app downloaded are seeking now n lives with me near, but he is not angezeigt..Gibt it in app iwie so ne suchfunktion where you can see the name or enter this: / --answer-- No, but the filter. Vl. Did you just

    Tags: App, lovoo
  • Avatar App searched below photo 01-25

    Search as an app with which you can make cartoon avatars white but not like this is the bottom photo --answer-- Test times with FaceQ

    Tags: App, Apple, iPad, Cartoon, App + iPad
  • latest trend, always uptodate? 10-04

    Hey, someone of you knows an app or similar where you can view always the latest fashion trends? Something like a fashion blog only app or so? Thanks in advance:) --answer-- give even a in app / play tore "vogue". I now do not know how the app i

    Tags: App, Blog, Fashion, Blog App +
  • Phone in headset mode 09-22

    My phone has (connected without headphones) to headset mode continuously in recent times to. Is there vil. an app which so governs Whats App notification sounds, or calls will be output through the speaker, although Headphones "connected" are? :

    Tags: App, Mobile
  • Good app for me and NEN buddy 07-16

    Hey I need ne app I can gamble with my freind iwie vlt what bit of settlers or another: D tell me bittr few :) --answer-- Empire for Kingdoms. The play I and a girlfriend too. Is halt so build with UK, attack other kingdoms, establish alliances and w

    Tags: Games, App, Samsung, Samsung app +
  • Whatsapp can no longer open D: 01-17

    Silk yesterday my WhatsApp includes dauernt if I want to click it. The app is up to date so it can not be already times ..... --answer-- Deactivate the app and then lad then back down. Was with me so :) Here are a few more details would be very nice.

    Tags: WhatsApp, App, Samsung, Galaxy, App + WhatsApp, whatapp
  • Graphic programs for Android 01-07

    Do you know a good graphic and drawing program for Android tablets that levels and Magic Wand function has? --answer-- PS Touch does nevertheless have a pretty good figure, as Zeichenapp I can also Sketchbook empfehlen.Außerdem there a port of Gimp.

    Tags: App, Android, paint + program
  • Best sleep - App for mobile phones? 12-14

    I use a OnePlus One, and have purchased the app "Sleep as Android" before a couple weeks. Worth every cent! Anyway, there is the iPhone app, so I ask you: What are some good sleep apps for mobile phones? Apple AND Android? --answer-- What there

    Tags: Help, computer, App, advice, Mobile Phone, sleep, phone + Help
  • What is the app (game) with speedboats? 10-03

    Hey, Seeking an app that I a few years back on the phone but had not now find. The app is found in the Amazon Fire TV advertising, on the icon are two speedboats with riders in red and yellow on a blue background. It is a game where you drive the rac

    Tags: Games, App, Apple, Android, Android + Apple



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